How To Fill Out A Certificate For Subsidies

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How To Fill Out A Certificate For Subsidies
How To Fill Out A Certificate For Subsidies

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Most Russian families want to receive subsidies from the state. To do this, it is necessary to collect a number of documents confirming the family's right to receive a subsidy. One of these documents is a 2-NDFL certificate from the place of work of each family member, confirming the income received. This certificate must be requested from the accounting department of the company where you work.

How to fill out a certificate for subsidies
How to fill out a certificate for subsidies

It is necessary

computer, internet, printer, A4 paper, pen, employee salary data for six months, employee documents, company documents, calculator, organization seal


Step 1

In the 2-ndfl certificate form, which can be downloaded from the link, the company's accountant assigns the document a number and the date of filling out the certificate, indicates the number of the tax office where the company is registered. The accounting employee enters the taxpayer identification number and the registration code with the tax authority of the organization issuing a certificate for obtaining a subsidy. Fills in the full name of the enterprise in accordance with the constituent documents, if the company belongs to such organizational and legal forms as LLC, OJSC, CJSC, etc., surname, name, patronymic of an individual entrepreneur in accordance with an identity document, if the company is registered as an individual entrepreneur. The code is filled in according to the "All-Russian classifier of objects of administrative-territorial division" and the contact phone number of the accounting department of the enterprise

Step 2

The accountant enters the taxpayer identification number, last name, first name, patronymic of the employee for whom a certificate is filled out in the form of 2-NDFL. In the appropriate fields, you must enter the details of the identity document of the employee of the organization (series, number, by whom and when the document was issued), as well as the address of his place of residence (postal code, region, city, town, street, house number, building, apartment) …

Step 3

In the corresponding income table, the accountant needs to enter data on the employee's wages for each month. Typically, an employee's income is taxed at 13%. To apply for a housing subsidy, an employee must submit a certificate of income for six months. Therefore, the accountant indicates the income his income for the last six months, entering the month number, income code, income amount, deduction code and deduction amount in the columns of the table provided for this.

Step 4

The accountant of the organization calculates the total amount of the employee's income for the tax period, in our case, for six months, calculates the tax base on which the tax is charged, the amount of tax withheld, calculated, transferred, unnecessarily withheld and not withheld by this enterprise.

Step 5

The 2-ndfl certificate must be sent for signature to the head and chief accountant, then certified with the seal of the organization.

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