How To Make A Book Out Of Sheets

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How To Make A Book Out Of Sheets
How To Make A Book Out Of Sheets

Video: How To Make A Book Out Of Sheets

Video: How To Make A Book Out Of Sheets
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A very unusual gift can be a book written and made by yourself. You can please your child by making a collection of his drawings and naive stories. It will be a unique piece that you can decorate and decorate to your liking.

How to make a book out of sheets
How to make a book out of sheets


  • - homemade press;
  • - hacksaw for metal;
  • - strips of fabric;
  • - glue;
  • - thread.


Step 1

Collect all the accumulated material and distribute it in order. The first and last pages of the book must be clean. Put the pieces of paper in a pile. It's good if they are all the same format. If the sheets are different, trim off the jagged edges with a utility knife. Do not press hard on the tool, repeat smooth and light movements, then the paper will not be wrinkled.

Step 2

Pinch the stack of paper in a press. Its root part should protrude no more than seven millimeters. Do not pinch the block tightly. With a metal saw in the middle of the future spine, make a cut about five millimeters deep. Every five centimeters to either side of the first, make the next cuts.

Step 3

Fold the thread in four, its length in this form should be more than three times the length of the spine. Cover the end with glue and fill the cuts with it. Cut out three to four strips of fabric and place in the glue between the cuts. Secure the thread with a press and place it in the cuts with a snake. Once again, coat the end of the book spine with glue. Leave the product to dry.

Step 4

For the production of the cover, take thick, thick cardboard and strong material for the spine. Stick a strip of fabric on the end of the book. Connect the cover to the block using the first and last clean pages coated with glue. Now put the entire book under the press.

Step 5

Decorate the cover with appliqué, ornament, or 3D art. If you want to make a stylish and original book, try taking thin sheets of plywood instead of cardboard, decorating them with burning or a colorful drawing. Cover the product with varnish on top. Instead of the fabric on the spine, in this case, you can use a bamboo napkin.

Step 6

The cover can even be made of metal with volumetric engraving. The cardboard "face" of the book can be covered with fur or pasted over with velvet fabric, such decoration will please the girl. Imagine and make exclusive books that will decorate any shelf.

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