Why Is Invited To A Free Procedure At The Spa

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Why Is Invited To A Free Procedure At The Spa
Why Is Invited To A Free Procedure At The Spa
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Free spa treatments are rare. They usually happen in order to attract customers who, having tried out unique services, come again and again. But it happens that it is not an institution that is promoted, but certain cosmetics.

Why is invited to a free procedure at the spa
Why is invited to a free procedure at the spa


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Expensive salons rarely open their doors to everyone. They use discounts and promotions as advertising, but they still require a fee, although less than usual. After receiving a service, a new customer may want to repeat it after a while. Many people are willing to pay for comfort, good attitude, quality treatments. But such services are expensive, and if your name is free, you should doubt the reality of what is happening. Even the cost of cosmetic procedures is not small, and not everyone wants to work to the detriment of work.

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There is a practice of advertising cosmetics. The essence of the action is as follows: in one of the good spas, a room is rented, clients are invited there for procedures that are free. At the same time, a person is offered to buy those substances that are present during the procedure. The session is usually undertaken not by the salon specialists, but by the consultants who sell cosmetics. Accordingly, a person finds himself only in the atmosphere of a given place, but does not use the services of a master. The quality of service in this case can be different. In order not to fall for such a deception, check with the invitees what kind of program is offered, with what substances.

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Spa invitations may be shareware. You may be offered a procedure, but you will have to pay for the cream, costume, or other necessary parts. In this case, a person comes at the appointed time, and then, when he is offered to give money, he simply cannot refuse. Many people find it uncomfortable to say no, so they pay for what is asked of them. Here it is important to attract a person, and then persuade him to go through the advertised procedure.

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Free invitation happens in hardware cosmetology salons. When the equipment is purchased, and there are few customers, you can start advertising to your detriment. So it is sometimes attracted to the solarium. But you need to understand that 1-2 procedures do not lead to high costs, expensive drugs, creams or wraps are not used here, and a single visit will not give the desired result. If a person has entered once, then he will come again, and this is an effective way of advertising. This can be called for photoepilation, cryolipolysis and other procedures. Sometimes they allow you to enjoy only part of the procedure, without completing it. Cryolipolysis, when exposed for 40 minutes, reduces body fat by 30%. and if you make the procedure 10 minutes long, the effect will be, but not global, and the client will want to get everything to the fullest.

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Going for a free procedure, be prepared for the fact that the effect will be incomplete. And with a high degree of probability they will start inviting you again on a paid basis. In any case, this is an advertisement, and they are interested in you as a potential regular customer. At the same time, you are not obliged to pay for something, if you do not want, and you can visit the institution again only when you really liked it.

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