What Is Duty Free

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What Is Duty Free
What Is Duty Free

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Duty free shops, or duty free shops, are usually located at checkpoints across the state border, including airports, seaports, and train stations.

What is Duty Free
What is Duty Free

Features of duty free shops

The goods sold in such stores are not subject to duties, excise taxes and VAT, as a result of which their cost is significantly lower than in conventional stores. Most often, in the duty-free zone, travelers buy tobacco products, spirits, perfumes, jewelry, appliances, confectionery and watches.

The first duty free shop appeared in Ireland in 1947. Brendan O'Regan opened a small shop at Shannon Airport, which is still in operation today to serve passengers traveling between North America and Europe, as their planes stopped at Shannon for refueling. This store quickly gained popularity and was later copied at other airports in the world.

The duty free zone is located after passport control. Most often, in stores located in this area, service can only be obtained if you have a passport and a boarding pass, indicating that you are either leaving or entering the country. In most countries, the tax-free zone is only accessible by departure, but New Zealand and Australia allow passengers to purchase non-excise goods before crossing the border.

When buying alcohol in duty free, you need to take into account the customs regulations of the country you are flying to. The standard rule states that a liter of strong alcohol and 2 liters of weak alcohol (below 12 degrees) can be imported per person.

The most famous duty-free shops

The best duty free shops are believed to be in Asia and the Middle East. So the leader of this market is rightfully considered the duty free zone of Dubai Airport. Here all shops are open around the clock, you can find a huge number of different goods. Savings can be up to 50% off the normal price, especially if you are lucky enough to get into any of the promotions that are regularly held there.

Another world famous duty free is located at Bangkok Airport. There are many perfume shops, souvenir shops, boutiques of famous brands. Discounts in the duty free zone of Bangkok can be up to 40%. The greatest interest among tourists is attracted by Jim Tompson stores, where you can buy the world's best goods from the famous Thai silk, unfortunately, even taking into account the absence of taxes, the prices for Thai silk can hardly be called democratic.

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