What Does Registration Look Like In A Passport

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What Does Registration Look Like In A Passport
What Does Registration Look Like In A Passport
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In modern Russian legislation, the concept of registration has been abolished; it has been replaced by the abstract wording “registration”, which can be of two types: at the place of residence and at the place of stay. The registration stamp in the passport is placed only when registering the first type.

What does registration look like in a passport
What does registration look like in a passport


Step 1

Registration of citizens of Russia and foreign citizens entering the territory of the country is handled by the migration service. However, in order to optimize the workflow and organize the availability of the state registration service, documents for "residence permit" can be accepted by officials of management companies, housing departments or HOAs. In remote villages, the head of the settlement can also register.

Step 2

In the passport of a Russian citizen, a registration stamp is put only if there is a permanent "residence permit" at the place of residence, and the citizen is the owner of the dwelling or uses it under a lease or social contract.

For stamps in the passport, as many as 8 pages are allotted: from the fifth to 12, followed by information about military duty.

Step 3

The registration seal is unified and is a rectangular stamp with the details set by the government decree. The “header” must contain the full or officially established name of the authority that carried out the registration. Until 2008, it could have been OVD, ROVD, TOM and even PVS (passport and visa service), since 2008 - only the federal migration service of Russia.

Step 4

This is followed by printed lines, which are filled in by hand. They contain information about the settlement where the citizen is registered, and about the registration address (street, house number, building, building, apartment, room, section). The bottom two lines are reserved for indicating the date of registration and signature of the official without decoding it.

Step 5

When registering at the place of stay ("temporary registration" in case the citizen does not want to leave his home, but will live in another place for more than 90 days), the passport is not stamped; instead, a Certificate of Registration at the place of stay is issued. Typically this is an A5 sheet, printed on heavyweight paper or cardboard.

Step 6

It contains the personal data of the citizen, as well as information about the period of temporary registration and the "new" address. Registration for such temporary registration is carried out by the one who provides housing, but the same migration service issues the document, certifying it with a red seal with the details of the territorial unit to which the registration application was submitted.

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