What Does A Passport For A Land Plot Look Like?

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What Does A Passport For A Land Plot Look Like?
What Does A Passport For A Land Plot Look Like?

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A cadastral passport for a land plot is an extract from the real estate cadastre of Russia, which indicates the indicators and data on the plot necessary for registering the rights to this property and conducting transactions with it.

What does a passport for a land plot look like?
What does a passport for a land plot look like?

Only those owners who have registered their land parcels can receive a cadastral passport for a land plot, and as a result, a special number was assigned to it. Certification of land in Russia has been going on for about 6 years.

The presence of a cadastral document is necessary when it is planned to carry out any transactions with real estate. The proof of the existence of a land plot as a real estate object is precisely the presence of a cadastral number on it.

Document form

The form of the cadastral passport has several components in the form of numbered applications in A4 format, each application (form) contains information about the specific indicators of the allotment.

The first form contains the basic identification data of the land parcel, namely:

- number, - its location, - area, - cost, in accordance with the state estimate.

The second form contains a graphic image and a diagram showing the control points of the site and its boundaries, including those that are controversial (unauthorized land cutting and self-seizure).

In the third form, data on encumbrances on the real estate object are indicated, if any, the boundaries of easements are prescribed. The fourth form displays data on these encumbrances: validity period, scope of rights, etc. If encumbrances are absent, then the third and fourth forms are not included in the cadastral passport.

As for the validity period of this state document, they are absent. Replacement of a passport for land is carried out only when the real estate object has been subjected to any changes that must be registered with state authorities (sale, alienation of a part, establishment of easement)

Obtaining a passport

Today, a cadastral passport can be obtained in two ways, with a personal appeal, a document is issued in paper form, an electronic passport can be sent to the applicant when ordering it through the portal of the Russian Register.

If the real estate object is not registered with the state, then in order to obtain a passport for a land plot, you will have to carry out a survey of the object. After that, a land-survey plan and a completed application with a request to put the site on cadastral registration are submitted to a special state body. After completing all these procedures, the property owner will soon be able to obtain a passport for his plot of land.

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