What Is A Talisman Against The Evil Eye

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What Is A Talisman Against The Evil Eye
What Is A Talisman Against The Evil Eye
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The evil eye is a blow of negative energy to the human biofield. The evil eye is like the flu. Like a viral infection, it can be picked up on the street, on public transport, or at work.

What is a talisman against the evil eye
What is a talisman against the evil eye

Someone envied, looked unkindly, said something unpleasant - and you immediately feel a breakdown, everything falls out of your hands, health problems appear. Amulets help protect against the evil eye. There are a huge number of them, so you can choose the one that suits you best.

Amulets from improvised means

A regular pin will save you from the evil eye. For a stronger effect, it is spoken with special prayers from the evil eye and damage. But you can do without them. The pin is fastened to the inside of the garment so that it cannot be seen. Attach it at the level of the heart at a slight angle so that the point is directed away from the heart. Each piece of clothing should have its own pin. The amulet cannot be shown to anyone or told about it.

A small round mirror also protects from the evil eye. It must be worn in a breast pocket with the reflective side out. From time to time, this mirror needs to be rinsed under running water in order to wash off the "caught" negative.

Small figurines of a figurine can be found in souvenir shops and specialty shops. Such a talisman "scares away" energy vampires and sorcerers. You can carry it with you in your pocket or purse, attach it as a keychain to your keys, or hang it on the windshield in your car.

Also, gift shops often sell amulets in the form of a small round glass eye. It is believed that if worn in plain sight, it will help divert the negative energy of a person with the "evil eye". Instead of an eye, you can use any bright or shiny object, such as a brooch or necklace, tie or glasses. The main thing is that this decoration should be conspicuous to those around you.

A pectoral cross for a person of Christian faith is also a strong talisman. It is important that it be illuminated in the church. Together with him, it is not bad to always carry a small icon of your namesake saint with you. A cross with an icon protects not only from bad looks, but also protects from various dangers and troubles.

Quite often, small children are susceptible to the evil eye. Red mountain ash will help protect the baby from envious glances. It is necessary to pick a twig with berries and leaves and put it in a crib under the mattress.

Do it yourself

To protect yourself and your family from the evil eye, a talisman can be made. For example, from a bottle or a small can. Take a red glass container or paint it with paint or varnish. Then put a few black peppercorns in it, a few cloves of garlic and cover everything with salt to the top. Close the jar or bottle tightly with the lid. Now you need to seal it with red candle wax. You can put a candle on the lid and light it. The wax will drain and cover the neck of the container. Shake the bottle 9 times, while thinking about what it will protect you from. Place the amulet in the closet in the kitchen or hallway. After a month, the amulet will end. And it will need to be buried in the ground. You need to make such a charm on the growing moon. And all ingredients must be purchased specifically for this purpose. In this case, you must pay in such a way that the seller does not give you change. Salt and other foods that will not fit in the bottle should not be eaten, they should be thrown away.

You can also sew a small natural fabric pouch and fill it with dry herbs. For example, mint, St. John's wort, juniper, fennel, lavender, rue. It is better to collect and dry the plants yourself. The bags should be carried with you or hung in the corners at home.

Another way to protect your home from people with bad thoughts is to put a floor vase at your doorstep. An umbrella stand can also be used instead.It is necessary to put 3-4 heads of garlic in it, several branches of red rowan and thistle, a couple of spikelets of wheat, a bunch of dried flowers, for example, lavender, tied with a red thread or ribbon.

Among other things, hold onto a metal object when meeting or talking to people you don't like. And then jingle the keys or knock on wood - this will help ward off negative energy from you.

It is worth noting that you cannot make a talisman for yourself personally. It is better if blood relatives make it for you. Such a talisman will have great power and will not allow envious and unkind looks to break you.

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