How To Quickly Wake Up A Sleeping Person

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How To Quickly Wake Up A Sleeping Person
How To Quickly Wake Up A Sleeping Person

Video: How To Quickly Wake Up A Sleeping Person

Video: How To Quickly Wake Up A Sleeping Person
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Sometimes it becomes necessary to wake up a sleeping person very quickly. There are many ways to do this quickly. Not all of them are humane, but many of them are very effective.

How to quickly wake up a sleeping person
How to quickly wake up a sleeping person

How easy is it to wake a person up?

If the person you need to wake up is sleeping lightly enough, just open the curtains or turn on a bright light. To enhance the effect, add loud, rhythmic music to the lights.

An ordinary alarm clock was and remains one of the most effective means of removing a person from the kingdom of Morpheus. If the sleeper is accustomed to getting up at the alarm every day, most likely he will quickly wake up at any time of the day, having heard the familiar signal.

Call the sleeping person. Usually, people react quite sharply to a phone call, so an unexpected signal at an inopportune time will most likely wake up any sleepyhead, moreover, in order to answer the call, he will first have to get up and find the phone.

You can buy smart alarms for such methods, which make the process of shutting down as much as possible. For example, some models require solving mathematical examples to disable them.

Be smarter

Benefit from your knowledge of psychology. Scientists have found that for men and women, completely different sounds are priority. Men are quickly awakened by the sounds of alarms, if they have cars. Females are sensitive to the sound of a crying baby, and they don't have to be a mother to wake up quickly to a crying baby.

Experts believe that a person can wake up quickly if you wake him up the way his mother woke him up in childhood. If you are trying to wake up a close friend, try using this secret information. With at least a relative copying of words, actions and intonations, the effect is guaranteed.

Another extreme tool for raising a sleeper is a running away or flying away alarm clock. While playing a signal, such an alarm clock randomly moves around the room, so it is difficult to catch it. Such alarm clocks rarely "live" long.

If your "victim" woke up and in an absolutely cheerful voice announced that she was already getting up, do not rush to leave the room. Lack of sleep and a comfortable bed can "make" a person promise anything, but at the same time he may not take his head off the pillow in order to continue his nap. So if you are trying to wake up a person for some important reason, do not lag behind him until he gets up. After the dormouse has gone to the bathroom, he can be left alone.

Extreme ways

If the room is cold, just pull the blanket off the person. The sudden change in temperature will make him wake up. He is unlikely to be satisfied after such a procedure, but the method is quite effective. Of course, it only applies to close friends and family.

If the person does not wake up, spray it with warm water. It is completely unnecessary to pour a bucket of ice water on the poor dormouse. After all, even a small amount of water that gets on the face steadily removes a person from a state of sleep.

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