What The Genitals Of A Hermaphrodite Look Like

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What The Genitals Of A Hermaphrodite Look Like
What The Genitals Of A Hermaphrodite Look Like

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Hermaphroditism is one of the developmental defects that occurs in one in two thousand newborns. This defect assumes that the same person has signs of both sexes.

What the genitals of a hermaphrodite look like
What the genitals of a hermaphrodite look like


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Hermaphroditism causes difficulties in assigning an individual to any particular sex. He is a form of intersexism. Hermaphroditism has been known since ancient times. This phenomenon underlies the beliefs prevalent in the East and West.

According to one of them, Hermes and Aphrodite had a son of extraordinary beauty, his name was Hermaphrodite. When the young man was fifteen years old, the nymph Salmanida passionately desired him, but her love was not mutual. The nymph was inconsolable and, at her request, the gods combined her with the Hermaphrodite into one, creating a same-sex creature.

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If we consider hermaphroditism from a medical point of view, then there is nothing special here, at least in our time. The development of such an embryo is no different from the development of an ordinary child. However, already in the sixth week of life, two reproductive systems can be considered - male and female.

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By the end of its development in the womb of a nine-month-old male fetus, instead of the usual prostate gland, a rudiment of the uterus develops, the so-called "male uterus". The testicles correspond to the ovaries, the seminal vesicles correspond to the fallopian tubes, and the clitoris is an undeveloped member.

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Since ancient times, hermaphrodites have been divided into two types. The first are female hermaphrodites, that is, a manifestation of androgyny. And, accordingly, male, the so-called gynandria.

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In addition, hermaphroditism can develop as a lateralis, that is, the organs of the male body are on one side, and the female - on the opposite. There is also a type of transversalis, when the internal organs correspond to one type, and the external ones to another.

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Despite the fact that in our society hermaphroditism is considered a pathology, you need to understand that in each of us there is a kind of double principle, the opposite of our own nature. Oddly enough, but in ancient times, hermaphroditism was very honorable. This phenomenon was sung in ballads and poems, many deities were bisexual. Therefore, you should not think that people with this pathology are worse than us.

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Treatment of hermaphroditism is strictly individual. When choosing a gender, the functional prevalence of the female or male body is taken into account. Basically, operations are performed on the external genitals, but there are cases of operations for the complete elimination of hermaphroditism. After such operations, constant monitoring by specialists is necessary, but in general the prognosis is favorable. Unfortunately, childbirth is impossible in such a case.

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