What Laurel Seeds Look Like

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What Laurel Seeds Look Like
What Laurel Seeds Look Like

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This tree, primarily associated with ancient Greece, is almost iconic. The seeds in all its species are practically the same in appearance, and the species themselves do not differ much.

Laurel seeds
Laurel seeds

Laurel seeds

Laurel is a dioecious plant, its flowers on some trees are small, staminate, with a simple perianth of 4 greenish-yellow petals and are collected in axillary inflorescences of 6-12 pieces. On other trees, flowers are only pistillate, they are smaller than staminate ones and are collected in the axils of leaves 3-4 pieces.

Laurel has large oval seeds, blue-black, juicy and fragrant, they reach 2 cm in length and have a thin fleshy membrane. This shell protects the seeds from premature germination, drying out and damage. The seeds of all laurel, including laurel noble, do not tolerate overdrying, therefore, their germination capacity lasts no more than 2-3 months with ordinary storage, and is extended up to 5 months if the seeds are stored in a cool and humid room.

Before sowing the seeds, they must be freed from the shell, since they will germinate in it for a long time and the sprouts will weaken. It is best to sow in separate pots, the capacity of which is at least 1 liter, and in warm countries it is sown directly into the ground, to a permanent place of growth. Seeds emerge, as a rule, from the beginning of April to the end of August, but some may begin to germinate in January. If during this period there are severe frosts, laurel shoots will inevitably die.

In indoor floriculture, plants are kept at a temperature close to 10 ° C, taking them outside in spring and summer. In their first year, seedlings grown from seeds do well without additional fertilizing, but starting from the second year of life, mineral fertilizers are necessary. Laurel is quite unpretentious and is not very picky about the type of soil, it starts to hurt only from excessive moisture.


Fresh and dried laurel leaves are used as a spice. Dry fruits are part of laurel powder, which is a concentrated extract of laurel essential oils.

Bay leaves are used in cooking, for marinades, broths and aspic fish, it is irreplaceable, as well as for sauces, soups, boiled meat. Lay a bay leaf with the calculation of 1 medium-sized leaf per liter of liquid. Put it in a dish 5 minutes before cooking. Laurel powder is added to ready meals.

The application of laurel in medicine is also known. This plant is diuretic and astringent, improves appetite and aids digestion. Aromatic volatile substances of laurel suppress the activity of tubercle bacillus and increase immunity. A paste of crushed leaves and seeds is applied to burns, cuts and wounds, since laurel has wound healing properties.

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