How To Pay For Meals

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How To Pay For Meals
How To Pay For Meals
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Payment for meals for employees of the enterprise can be made in different ways. Payment options depend on whether the canteen is organized at the enterprise itself or a contract is concluded with a nearby catering point.

How to pay for meals
How to pay for meals


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If you set up a canteen in your business, there are several ways to pay for meals. The most simple option is considered when everyone working at the enterprise receives a set meal and the entire amount for the month is deducted from the salary. You can mark the days of visiting the canteen at the food point itself or make a deduction according to the timesheet for the number of days worked.

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The second option is to issue coupons to all employees of the enterprise and deduct from wages in accordance with the amount of coupons issued. With this method, the employee can use the coupons as needed.

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With an organized buffet in an enterprise environment, each employee can pay for meals on their own, buying food at the buffet at their discretion.

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When concluding a contract with a nearby catering point, you can make transfers once or twice a month, deducting the entire amount from the employees' salaries. If meals are not comprehensive, the canteen should keep a record of all the amounts spent by each employee of your enterprise. The option with the issuance of coupons is also suitable, according to which the cost of meals will be recorded.

Step 5

If you reimburse your employees for part of the amount spent on food, the calculation should be made in the company's accounting department when calculating wages.

Step 6

Often, the employer pays the full amount for the meals of his employees, using the money received from the profits of his enterprise. With this option to pay for meals, you can transfer the entire amount to the account of the catering outlet where your employees dine or accept a supplier who will be in charge of purchasing food for your canteen.

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