How To Eat Small Meals

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How To Eat Small Meals
How To Eat Small Meals

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Small portions can make meals as enjoyable as large ones. But they are very useful for health and shape, because they allow you not to overeat and consume as much food as you need. Eating small meals is one of the great nutritional methods.

How to eat in small portions
How to eat in small portions


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Nutritionists say that eating a lot is harmful. And they are right: the human stomach is not very large and therefore does not require a lot of food. Most people spend not so many calories per day, because they are mainly engaged in mental work, not physical work. Therefore, you can train yourself to eat much less than usual, this is just a matter of habit. Stretching with each meal, the stomach gets used to this state and begins to demand more and more food. Overloading the stomach and intestinal tract leads to excess weight, obesity, stress on the heart, liver, kidneys and pancreas. Hence, a number of diseases arise that people accumulate over the years.

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In order to maintain health, you need to eat in moderation, at regular intervals throughout the day. It is important not to overeat and leave the table when you feel full. Tracking this moment can be difficult, but it is better to leave some dish, for example, tea with dessert, for the next meal, giving the stomach a rest after dinner. In addition, you can not eat several dishes in a row, replace heavy foods with lighter ones. It is especially important for a healthy lifestyle to train yourself to consume food in small portions.

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The easiest way to do this is with small plates. A small plate won't hold as much food as usual, and you definitely won't overeat. However, visually, you will see that the portion is sufficient, because it takes up the entire plate. This will help you to believe that you can get enough of such a portion. Try to avoid eating heavy and fatty foods, especially when they are combined in one meal. For example, there is absolutely no need to eat mashed potatoes with a piece of fried meat; it is better to replace potatoes with vegetables or rice.

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Eat a lot of vegetables, let them take up most of the plate. They are low in calories, but fill the stomach well and give the impression of being full and full. It is much better to eat a lot of fresh vegetables at once than a little fried potatoes or goulash. Vegetables, cereals, legumes are able to supply your body with the same set of proteins, fats and trace elements as animal food. Don't skip meat altogether, but go for lean beef, poultry, and fish.

Step 5

Drink a glass of water before eating. This will help your stomach know that you are not particularly hungry. In addition, it prepares the stomach for eating, and provides you with the necessary amount of fresh water. It is usually useful to drink at least 2 liters of pure water during the day, but rarely does anyone drink water not in mixtures - in tea or juices, although it is known that cells need pure water. Therefore, saturation of the stomach with water will also make it possible to brighten up its lack in the body.

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