Who Are The "fighters Of The Invisible Front"

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Who Are The "fighters Of The Invisible Front"
Who Are The "fighters Of The Invisible Front"

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Outwardly, these people do not differ from ordinary citizens. Some of them have military ranks and high state awards, but they never wear their uniforms and their regalia. Their real activity is shrouded in mystery and a halo of romance. We are talking about scouts, who are also called "fighters of the invisible front."

Who are they
Who are they


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The work of an intelligence officer is perhaps more shrouded in secrecy than any other human activity. These people have chosen for themselves a difficult life, passing in constant stress. Commoners believe that the work of an intelligence officer is always associated with dizzying covert operations, the recruitment of important persons, theft of documents, the extraction of state secrets, pursuits and evasion from surveillance. But in most cases, intelligence officers have to do analytical work, which can be called routine.

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Intelligence experts know that the lion's share of important information, which contains information about the policies of foreign states and their military potential, is available in open sources available to everyone. But there is data that can be obtained only through direct contact with the carriers of state secrets. Establishing trusting relationships with those who can provide intelligence with important information is one of the tasks of a professional intelligence officer.

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The easiest way is for those "fighters of the invisible front" who use work in the diplomatic department of their country on the territory of a foreign state as an official cover for their activities. These scouts are to a certain extent protected from actions by enemy counterintelligence. In case of failure, they usually only face expulsion from a foreign state. But such "parquet" intelligence is not always able to provide the state with truly valuable information.

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Almost every developed country has a special apparatus consisting of illegal intelligence agents. These people live on the territory of other states under the guise of a special legend, using someone else's name and biographical data. In life, they can be successful businessmen, employees of trading companies, talented journalists, representatives of the creative intelligentsia - it is impossible to list all the roles of an intelligence officer. But no one, with the exception of their real leaders, knows that these people combine official duties with obtaining classified information.

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Intelligence work places high demands on the "fighters of the invisible front". They must be resistant to stress and emotional factors. An illegal scout must perfectly know not only the language of the state where he works, but also the culture of the peoples inhabiting this country. There are no trifles in his work, because every unaccounted for detail can lead to failure and even imprisonment.

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Intelligence professionals are sociable, win over others and build relationships. A good intelligence officer is distinguished by developed analytical skills, the ability to make quick decisions in the face of a lack of time and information. The combination of these qualities allows you to receive and comprehensively evaluate the important information that is eagerly awaited from a professional in his home country.

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