Do I Need A Gas Weapon Permit

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Do I Need A Gas Weapon Permit
Do I Need A Gas Weapon Permit

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Gas weapons are weapons of civilian self-defense. It is becoming more and more popular among modern men. This is understandable: this is one of the most effective ways to protect yourself and your loved ones in a particular dangerous situation.

Gas weapons need compulsory licensing
Gas weapons need compulsory licensing

Do I need to acquire a license for gas weapons

Of course you do! Gas weapons, along with rubber, barrelless and hunting weapons, are weapons of self-defense and are subject to compulsory licensing, i.e. obtaining an appropriate permit for its acquisition, storage and wearing. Registration of gas weapons takes place in the Department of Licensing and Permitting Work (OLRR) at the Internal Affairs Directorate at the place of registration. But before submitting the relevant documents for registration, you need to collect them, and this is not an easy and financially costly business.

What is a gas weapon license

It is a card with a photograph of the holder of one or another weapon. The purchased gas (or other) weapon fits into this card from the back side. Attention! One permit can contain up to 5 units of one or another self-defense weapon! These can be gas pistols and revolvers, as well as traumatic ("Wasp", "Makarych", etc.) and hunting weapons.

What you need to purchase a license for gas weapons

To obtain a license for the acquisition, storage and carrying of self-defense weapons, it is necessary to provide the relevant documents to the FRR at the OVD at the place of registration, as well as find and install a safe (or other metal box, locked with a key) in the house for direct storage of weapons.

A permit for the acquisition, storage and carrying of self-defense weapons is necessary so that the state can control the sale of weapons and keep records of citizens who acquire them.

Required documents. Firstly, this is a certificate from a neuropsychiatric dispensary. Its average cost is about 500 rubles. It is not uncommon for doctors to force men to undergo a CT scan of the brain in order to find out the presence or absence of head injuries. The cost of such a procedure is from 1000 rubles.

Secondly, you need to get a separate certificate from the narcological dispensary. Its cost is about 500 rubles.

Thirdly, you must obtain a medical certificate form 0-46. It is curious that its cost is still 1000 rubles, but doctors want to oblige to receive such a certificate at the clinic at the place of registration.

Fourth, the future owner of gas and other self-defense weapons must pay the duty at any branch of the Sberbank of the Russian Federation. Its approximate cost is 50 rubles.

Attention! Buying gas weapons without the appropriate permission is fraught with unpleasant consequences - criminal liability.

Fifthly, in FRRR it is necessary to write an application for obtaining a permit for self-defense weapons. Here it is also necessary to provide a certificate and an act on the successful completion of training courses (the cost of training is usually 5,000 rubles), a civil passport and its photocopy, as well as a report from a district police officer about the presence of a metal safe in the house for storing weapons of a standard pattern and bolted to the floor or wall. The cost of such a safe varies from 1,500 to 9,000 rubles.

Sixth, the FRR will require four black-and-white matte photographs measuring 3x4 cm.

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