What Certificates Are Needed For A Weapon Permit

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What Certificates Are Needed For A Weapon Permit
What Certificates Are Needed For A Weapon Permit
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There can be many reasons why a person wants to obtain a weapon permit. For example, someone needs it to get a job, while someone wants to protect themselves and their loved ones. The legislation that regulates the procedure for the acquisition of weapons by citizens, in recent years, has become significantly stricter.

What certificates are needed for a weapon permit
What certificates are needed for a weapon permit

Documents for the acquisition of weapons of limited destruction

A limited firearm is usually a short-barreled apparatus that is used to inflict injury at a distance, but does not result in death. This type of weapon includes a pistol or revolver with special or gas traumatic cartridges.

Before visiting the licensing service, you need to get a report from the district police officer that the house has all the conditions for the safe storage of weapons. You will need to buy a special weapon metal box or safe. Then you should get a medical certificate form 046-1. A visit to a narcological and neuropsychiatric dispensary will become mandatory, where they must documentarily confirm that the applicant for the acquisition of weapons is not registered there.

You will need to make a photocopy of all significant pages of the passport and attach two 3x4 photographs, as well as a receipt for payment of the state fee. As a rule, the application for obtaining a license itself can be filled out at the place of receipt according to the samples available there. Currently, an innovation has appeared in the legislation, according to which you must provide a copy of the certificate of completion of training in knowledge of the rules of safe handling of weapons.

If all the necessary documents are collected correctly, a weapon license can be obtained within 30 days. The same license gives the right to carry weapons after purchase and registration.

Documents for the purchase of hunting weapons

The procedure for acquiring a hunting weapon is practically no different from obtaining a license for a weapon for self-defense. True, instead of a permit to carry and store, only a license is given to purchase one unit of weapon, valid for six months. If during this time the hunting weapon is not purchased, the license will need to be renewed or surrendered.

The license for the purchase of weapons consists of three stubs, two of which are taken by the store upon purchase, and one remains with the buyer. With him, you should go to the police station within 14 days, where you will receive permission to store weapons.

To obtain a permit to carry and store a hunting smooth-bore firearm, you also need to have a hunting ticket. To get it, you need to join a hunting club, where you must provide two photographs and a photocopy of your passport.

To purchase a rifled weapon, you need at least 5 years of smooth-bore weapon experience and a hunting ticket with five years of experience. This is necessary so that a rifled weapon is considered a hunting weapon and is not intended for self-defense.

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