Application Of LED Lamps

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Application Of LED Lamps
Application Of LED Lamps

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Not so long ago, LED lamps that have appeared on the market are gradually "mastering" new areas of application. High performance characteristics have led to the use of LED lamps in everyday life, industry and even crop production. Today, the production of these devices is being improved, which leads to cheaper products and even wider distribution.

Application of LED lamps
Application of LED lamps

Most of all, LED lamps are in demand where a lot of light is needed. Their use is primarily due to their high efficiency. Even taking into account the considerable cost of the device itself, the payback with intensive use comes quickly enough; at the same time, the durability of LED lamps should be taken into account. And according to this indicator, today they have no worthy competitors.

Street lighting and utilities

According to experts, the use of LED lamps in housing and communal services can bring savings of up to 200 million rubles. per year. Moreover, these figures refer only to objects where color quality is not required. In particular, it can be lighting in an elevator, lighting of house numbers, staircases. A distinctive feature of LED lamps is their anti-vandal essence; there is no glass in the products, and it is not so easy to destroy monolithic polycarbonate.

The main area of ​​use of the described lamps on the street is highways, highways and pedestrian paths. LED lights have a high quality of color rendering, which makes it easier for the driver to perceive information and leads to a decrease in the number of accidents. The use of luminaires in park areas contributes to the increased safety of citizens. According to the standards, the illumination of flat paths should be at least 1 lux, and irregularities - 5 lux. LED lamps fully meet these requirements. Also, in park areas, lamps can play the role of landscape lighting.

Advertising and architecture

One of the factors that led to the use of LEDs in advertising and architecture is the "natural" protection of luminaires from atmospheric and mechanical influences. In the advertising business, building illumination, LEDs are in great demand due to the possibility of using almost the entire range visible to the human eye. Various combinations of blue, red, green shades give originality and attractiveness to any advertisement. Architectural lighting is not just trivial lighting of a building at night. This is part of the overall design solution that gives the building an extraordinary look, emphasizing its uniqueness.


In modern crop farms, sodium lamps are most common today. However, in them only 1/3 of the radiation “goes into action” (ensuring photosynthesis). The rest of the energy is converted into heat. For example, a farm with an area of ​​only 5 hectares, when using sodium lamps, consumes as much energy as all the lamps of the Moscow Ring Road! LEDs, in addition to saving energy, provide the most favorable light spectrum for photosynthesis. In Western countries (England, Holland, Austria, etc.), LEDs have long supplanted sodium lamps.

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