What Are Chinese Coins And Where To Buy Them

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What Are Chinese Coins And Where To Buy Them
What Are Chinese Coins And Where To Buy Them

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Chinese coins are considered a wonderful talisman, since the combination of Heaven and Earth in them activates the energy of abundance, awakens good luck and attracts wealth. It is the talisman of space for the flow of time and energy.

What are Chinese coins and where to buy them
What are Chinese coins and where to buy them

History of the origin of Chinese coins

Chinese coins were originally made as a symbol of heaven and earth, the round shape symbolized the energy of Yang, the energy of the sky, and the central square cutout - the energy of the earth, Yin. Copper coins have been used as common money since the 11th century AD in China. Earlier, money in this country had much more bizarre forms.

It is also common in feng shui practices that the sides of these coins are different - one side is subordinate to Yin, the other to Yang. On the Yang side, 4 hieroglyphs are written, which determine the dynasty of the coin, and on the Yin side, there are only two characters. Sometimes, wise sayings or mottos of the emperor's reign were minted on coins. In ancient times, the name of the coins could be translated as "source" or "integrity". Coins were used as a symbol of achieving the integrity of 10 types, the feng shui masters thus activated the source of happiness, which was understood as well-being and integrity. For this, a bunch of 10 coins was used, one of which was located in the center, and the rest around it.

Coins have long ceased to be money and have become talismans, which mainly serve to attract wealth, but are often used as protection from bad, harmful energy. Currently, many copies of various sizes and types are produced, and such coins are worn not only in wallets, but also on the body, and hung indoors.

To ensure the well-being of the family and home, when building a house, a couple of coins are walled up in the floor or in the walls. It is believed that the more coins are used, the more effective they are, tying them up, gathering together, most often with red, but sometimes with gold thread. The authenticity of the coins is not fundamental, since the shape and the signs used are important, but connoisseurs still prefer the old coins that were in circulation, since they carry the energy of money, prosperity and success.

Possible places of sale

Most often, such coins can be found in shops selling feng shui-related goods. Incense, figurines, wind chimes and other traditional items for this art are also purchased there. Similar points of sale exist in every large shopping center, and often not in a single copy. You can find shops with this product in the markets, or in the shopping malls in the metro and underground passages.

As the teaching of Feng Shui becomes more and more familiar and popular, such coins can often be found in haberdashery shops next to buttons and beads. Such points of sale also exist in markets and shopping centers, in addition, there are separate fabric stores, where most often Chinese coins can be found among related products.

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