How To Buy A Chinese Phone

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How To Buy A Chinese Phone
How To Buy A Chinese Phone

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Today, goods from China are becoming very popular, in particular mobile phones and smartphones. Despite the prevailing stereotypes about the quality of Chinese products, mobile devices manufactured in this country are distinguished by high reliability, low price, and often are not even inferior to many famous brands. Therefore, more and more often you can come across the question of how to buy a cheap Chinese phone on your own, without resorting to the help of an intermediary.

How to buy a Chinese phone
How to buy a Chinese phone


Step 1

To buy a Chinese phone, first decide on an online store. Recently, there are quite a few of them, but the products in their catalogs are about the same, the only difference is in the price. Most of the Chinese sites are translated into English, however if you have problems understanding, then download the Google Chrome program. This browser has a built-in translator, which can be called by right-clicking on the desired site and selecting the option "Translate into Russian".

Step 2

Open the directory with mobile devices. For convenience, you can set a filter according to the price you need, brand, type of delivery, etc. Choose a Chinese phone very carefully, carefully study its characteristics. Pay special attention to the processor of the device, the graphics component if the device is to be used as a gaming platform, as well as the amount of RAM.

Step 3

After choosing a phone, do not rush to order it. To get started, study specialized forums dedicated to buying Chinese gadgets, where this phone has most likely already been discussed by buyers. An example of such a forum is presented in the Sources section. Also, for greater clarity, watch videos with an overview of the selected phone on YouTube, if any.

Step 4

After the final choice, proceed directly to the order itself. As a rule, for beginners, the main problems at this stage are the payment for the goods. You can pay for an order on a Chinese website in various ways, but the most affordable is to use a credit card. If you have VISA or MasterCard cards for payment, you only need to enter your data and confirm them.

Step 5

Another rather convenient payment method is using the QIWI payment system. This system is supported by some Chinese online stores, which allows you to directly debit the amount from the QIWI wallet to the seller's account. If there is no direct support, then you can always activate a virtual VISA card and pay with it like a real one.

Step 6

Also, do not forget to indicate your address correctly when placing an order. Enter your personal data in "transliteration". For example, if your name is Ivan Ivanov, then on the transliteration it will be written as Ivan Ivanov. The same goes for recording an address, city name, etc. After ordering, the seller usually sends a tracking number by which you can track the location of your parcel, be sure to save it.

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