How To Check The Authenticity Of A Sapphire

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How To Check The Authenticity Of A Sapphire
How To Check The Authenticity Of A Sapphire

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Lovers of gemstones appreciate sapphire. It is believed to have magical and healing properties, helping to heal wounds and heart disease. Sapphire differs from other corundum stones by its high transparency and any color except red. Several methods are used to determine the authenticity of a sapphire.

How to check the authenticity of a sapphire
How to check the authenticity of a sapphire


  • - daylight;
  • - water;
  • - glycerin;
  • - tweezers;
  • - Emerald;
  • - ruby;
  • - equipment for gemological examination.


Step 1

Only buy jewelry with gemstones from a reputable salon or jewelry store. When choosing a product with sapphire, be sure to ask for a certificate for this product. If such a document confirming the quality of the stone is absent or you have doubts, refuse to purchase. Thus, the easiest way to be sure of the authenticity of a sapphire when purchasing it is to be careful when choosing a seller.

Step 2

Examine the stone carefully in natural light. Do not pick up the stone in your hands; use clean, fat-free tweezers for this. In direct sunlight through an authentic sapphire, you will see something like a six-pointed star or hexagon. This effect is created by natural inclusions of certain elements in natural stone. This method of verification is preferable if the stone has already been purchased by you or has ended up with you, for example, as a gift.

Step 3

Submerge the sapphire in a solution of glycerin and water to obtain additional information on the authenticity of the sample. Prepare the mixture in a clean container and place the stone to be examined with tweezers. A fake will be clearly visible in such a solution, but a real sapphire becomes almost invisible in it. This is especially true for stones of different transparency levels.

Step 4

Use other stones to test the sapphire, such as emerald or ruby. Pass such a stone over the surface of the test sample and inspect its surface. Genuine sapphire should not have streaks or visible disturbances in the structure of the stone.

Step 5

Contact a certified center for a gemological examination of your sapphire. Qualified and experienced professionals will be able to establish the authenticity of a sapphire with sufficient reliability and distinguish it from a fake. The advantage of this method is that, based on the results of the examination, you will receive a written opinion that can be used by you if you want to subsequently sell the stone.

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