How To Find A Person From Belarus

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How To Find A Person From Belarus
How To Find A Person From Belarus
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To find a person living in another country, there are various possibilities provided by the Internet. Which one should be used depends on the circumstances surrounding the search.

How to find a person from Belarus
How to find a person from Belarus


access to the Internet


Step 1

Search for the person you are interested in from Belarus in one or several popular social networks (Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki, My World, Facebook, etc.). If you do not have a personal page on any of these resources, you must register in him. After registration, enter in the search field of the window the data that you know about the person you are looking for (last name, first name, age, city of residence). If this person has his own personal page on the resource, you will see the necessary information to contact him.

Step 2

If the ICQ program is installed on your computer, search for the person you need using the search interface of the resource. If you do not have this program, you can download it on the Internet and, after checking for viruses, install it on your computer.

Step 3

Contact the Embassy of the Republic of Belarus in Russia. You can make a request through the official website of this organization, using the contact information provided on the page.

Step 4

Go to the website of the university where the wanted person studied or is studying. Pay attention to the contact details provided for feedback with the Institute staff. Call the indicated numbers or write a letter with a request to assist you in your search. If a person graduated from an educational institution long ago, see if there is a section "Our graduates" on the site (graduates of different years leave personal information about themselves there to contact them).

Step 5

Enter the name, surname and location of the wanted person into the search bar of your browser. If you know where he works, add the name of the business or company.

Step 6

Use the services of the international television project of the First Channel "Wait for me". Go to the official website of the program, register and fill out the form you need to search.

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