How To Find A Person In Stavropol

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How To Find A Person In Stavropol
How To Find A Person In Stavropol

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Every year it becomes easier to find a person with whom you have lost contact for one reason or another. Thanks to the dynamically developing Internet, a free search has emerged. And if this does not work, you can use the paid services of a private agency.

How to find a person in Stavropol
How to find a person in Stavropol

It is necessary

  • - the Internet;
  • - The address book;
  • - phonebook;
  • - a private agency.


Step 1

Try to find a person in Stavropol via the Internet. A huge flow of people is registered daily on social networks: Odnoklassniki, Vkontakte, Fakeebok, Moi Mir and others. To do this, register yourself in these groups and start searching for a person by entering his data.

Step 2

Use the services of other sites to find people. As soon as you enter the relevant question in the search bar, the system will display a variety of suggestions. For example, People Search in Russia ( or People Search ( Just keep in mind that most of the services are provided for a fee (from 50 to 1500 rubles).

Step 3

Paid search is used to get accurate information when the free one did not return any results. It takes longer. First, you will have to leave a request and wait for the indication of the cost of services. Then you have to pay and wait for the result. The more data you know about a person, the faster they will be able to find him.

Step 4

Use the services of the passport office in Stavropol. The Department of the Federal Migration Service of the State Administration is located at 4a Kulakova Street.

Step 5

Write a letter there, indicate the name of this person. If you know his date of birth, that's good. On the envelope, indicate the address of the passport office of the city of Stavropol and send. Approximately, in 1-2 months you will receive an answer, just indicate the return address.

Step 6

Use the address book or telephone directory of the city (, which you can also find on the Internet.

Step 7

Contact a private agency for help. Of course, this search method will be expensive, but more reliable. You can resort to it when all of the above has not worked.

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