What Does A Diamond Tattoo Mean?

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What Does A Diamond Tattoo Mean?
What Does A Diamond Tattoo Mean?

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Diamond tattoos are rare. It is especially rare to see an image of this stone without additional elements - for example, without a picture of the Sun, a rose, or without inscriptions. Part of the reason is that the meaning of such a tattoo is not widely known.

What does a diamond tattoo mean?
What does a diamond tattoo mean?

The meaning of a diamond tattoo

First of all, the image of diamonds is used by people who want to draw a parallel between their character and the properties of this stone. In particular, such a tattoo emphasizes the firmness, steadfastness, perseverance, fearlessness of its owner, his ability to withstand any tests without "breaking" at the same time.

The meaning of luxury, rarity, wealth in this case fades into the background. That is why a tattoo with a diamond is often chosen not only by women, but also by men. However, it is suitable for both sexes.

Thanks to its delightful radiance, the diamond acquired another meaning: it symbolizes spirituality, the pure light of the human soul, sincerity, virtue, and for men also invincibility, leadership, readiness was a "king" just like a diamond is the "master" of all stones. To emphasize this meaning, the diamond is complemented by rays on the tattoo, symbolizing its bright and clear radiance.

Often, it is the diamond that is chosen for paired tattoos. In this case, it symbolizes fidelity, sincere and pure love, over which time has no power. The classic sign is a tattoo depicting this stone on the fingers of a man and a woman who want to emphasize the inviolability of their connection.

Diamond tattoo as a talisman

According to legends, the diamond has tremendous protective power and symbolizes the endless power of the Universe, capable of doing what seems impossible to a person. That is why such a tattoo is chosen for themselves by people who want to protect their dreams and achieve the fulfillment of desires.

To enhance the meaning of a diamond, it is often depicted with the Sun. Such a tattoo, according to legends, protects not only from the bad intentions of other people and from malicious intent, but even from accidents.

The diamond symbolizes protection from any evil force that a person cannot cope with on his own, from ghosts to epidemics. A tattoo depicting this stone can become a powerful talisman. In this case, it will mean the purity of the diamond, which no dirt can spoil, as well as great strength and power.

A tattoo depicting this stone on a woman's body has a special additional meaning. She symbolizes fertility and offspring, and also, according to legends, protects the child in the womb and promotes conception and easy childbirth.

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