Water As The Source Of Life On Earth

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Water As The Source Of Life On Earth
Water As The Source Of Life On Earth

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Water is the basis of life. All biological cells, animal and plant, contain water. It is the basis of all metabolic processes in living things. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine life without water.

Water is the cradle of life in the Universe
Water is the cradle of life in the Universe


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The first living organisms appeared on earth about 4 billion years ago, it was in the water and remained there for a long time. The first plants left the aquatic environment and began to master the land just 480 million years ago. Another 80 million years passed and the first animals followed. 90% of the evolution of living things also occurs in water. And from this point of view, both the earth and the air, so familiar to everyone, turned out to be a rather hostile environment, which took a long time to conquer.

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Adequate moisture promotes lush growth of vegetation, providing food and shelter for numerous animals. And not only animals, people also prefer to settle in places with an adequate supply of water, which makes their life much easier. Perhaps this is why we find special beauty in water. The flow of water, combined with rich vegetation, is the epitome of a beautiful landscape.

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Water has shaped the relief and climate of the earth, and also determined the historical path of human development. In ancient myths, water was a symbol of the creation of the world. The idea that the world came from water is present in all cultures. The ancient civilizations that emerged next to it flourished not only biologically, water also influenced their way of thinking, art and worldview. Modern religions give water the same role.

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Water has always been a mystery. It is death, but it also brings rebirth and fertility. People cannot live in water, but they cannot live without it. She has wisdom and energy: revitalizes, restores, cleanses. Water is a symbol of renewal and purity. People have known this since they became human.

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When people gained the ability to think, the surrounding water in all its manifestations determined their philosophy and religion, as well as the concept of happiness. Human imagination has created a variety of supernatural creatures: Neptune, Poseidon, Dagon, Ocean. Titans and gods who held the destinies of sailors in their hands. One way or another, it all has to do with water. Modern science has proven that water came to earth from space. And the main thing is that there is still a lot of it there.

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