How People Learned To Make Fire

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How People Learned To Make Fire
How People Learned To Make Fire

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The most important event for the formation of a person was the ability to make a fire. This was the beginning of the path to civilization. There are several theories as to how humans learned how to make fire.

How people learned to make fire
How people learned to make fire


Step 1

Most likely, the ancient people learned about the existence of fire when lightning struck a tree. One day, the bravest of the tribe approached a burning plant and brought a branch home. People simply used this flame for many years, throwing branches into it and hiding it from the rain.

Step 2

A person could notice that sparks appear when one stone hits another. This could push someone to deliberately cause sparks, from which the flame flared up.

Step 3

The ability to make a fire could come to people unexpectedly. Someone accidentally hit another stone covered with sulfur with a stone. It caught fire, and the man, out of surprise, threw a burning object into dry grass, which immediately ignited. A similar method of making fire is still practiced by the Indians in Alaska. The flame can ignite if you hit bamboo with a piece of clay. This method is still used today in India and China.

Step 4

Eskimos could learn to make a fire by hitting a piece of ordinary quartz against pyrite or iron. Both these stones and metal are widespread in the places of residence of these peoples. You can get a flame by rubbing two sticks together. This method is practiced by Indians in North America. Two pieces of flint have the same properties.

Step 5

A piece of rock crystal could serve as "burning glass" in the hands of an unwary ancient man. This transparent stone can collect the rays of the sun at one point, and their heat can burn the object at which the ray is directed. This method of producing fire was used in Ancient Rome and Ancient Greece.

Step 6

Many tribes kindled one fire and did not let it go out, because all methods of making fire were quite complicated, it could take a long time for a flame to emerge. It is much easier to light a fire once and keep an eye on it. Usually such an "eternal flame" was kindled in temples, and the priests kept the secret of getting the flame secret from other people.

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