How To Check If The Leather Is Genuine

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How To Check If The Leather Is Genuine
How To Check If The Leather Is Genuine

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Currently, more and more convincing fakes of natural materials are being born, and such fakes are not always much cheaper. The ability to distinguish, for example, natural leather from artificial leather can help make a choice in a difficult situation.

How not to be mistaken?

Artificial leather is significantly inferior to natural leather in reliability and quality, it reacts worse to temperature changes, and becomes unusable much faster. Unfortunately, they often try to pass it off as natural.

If you buy some expensive product in a large store, a sample of a miniature animal skin must be attached to it, and the appropriate symbols must be indicated on the label. The skin pattern indicates that the product you are holding in your hands is indeed made of genuine leather, a small diamond indicates synthetic material, and the matting image indicates that the product is made of textiles. Unfortunately, such labels can be faked, so when choosing, you need to pay attention to some nuances.

Natural leather always has a fairly strong odor, it should be strong, but not harsh or unpleasant. In some cases, manufacturers treat artificial leather with a special compound that mimics this natural smell, but usually it is harsher and slightly different from the natural one. If possible, when going shopping, take with you a leather item that you have, which will allow you to compare the smells.

What should you pay attention to?

Always inspect the raw product sections very carefully. They can be found in your pocket, zipper inset, seams. If the cut is fuzzy enough, unlike fabric, and at the same time does not exfoliate, most likely in front of you is natural leather. If all sections are hidden and processed, this indicates a fake. The fact is that the skin does not require additional processing, since it does not crumble and does not deform at the cut points, but artificial materials cannot boast of this.

You can try to determine the origin of the material using fire, but this is unlikely to be done in a store. Genuine leather will not light up, it will just start to smolder. Unfortunately, many manufacturers of fake leather began to treat artificial leather with a special compound that prevents it from catching fire.

Instead of fire, you can use water, just drip a little on the surface of the skin. Natural high-quality material absorbs a drop of water and darkens a little, water simply rolls off artificial leather.

You can try to check what is in front of you with the help of heat. To do this, just put your palm on the leather product. If after a short time you feel the surface under the palm begin to give off heat back, this means that it is natural. Faux leather stays cool at all times, and sweats appear on it after you remove your hand.

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