Which Country Is The Birthplace Of Santa Claus

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Which Country Is The Birthplace Of Santa Claus
Which Country Is The Birthplace Of Santa Claus

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Christmas and New Year's holidays have long been the time when the fabulous Christmas Grandfather or Santa Claus, which in Russian is called Father Frost, appeared in the houses.

Which country is the birthplace of Santa Claus
Which country is the birthplace of Santa Claus

The fairytale character Santa Claus began his story with the Christian kindness of the Merlikian Bishop Nicholas, who later became a saint. Saint Nicholas was distinguished by great kindness, all his life he helped the poor. The righteous man secretly planted gifts for the children of the poor. Today, in memory of his Christian care, Santa Claus (Saint Nicholas) brings Christmas gifts to all the little ones on Earth.

The historical homeland of Santa Claus

The historical homeland of the fabulous Christmas Grandfather can be considered North America. The colonists who arrived there brought with them the European legend of St. Nicholas and his generosity.

Later, the American writer Clement Clarke Moore wrote the poem "The Night Before Christmas, or the Visit of St. Nicholas," in which he described Santa Claus as a character who brings children gifts for Christmas. The poem was reprinted in 1844. Since that time, all Americans know who Santa Claus is. It was Clement Moore who put his character in a sleigh pulled by reindeer.

The artist Thomas Nast drew illustrations for Moore's poem, and later he published a series of pictures in Harper Wilkie magazine detailing the life and life of the fabulous Santa Claus.

This is how the legendary New Year character was born, now all the children of the world know about his existence. Millions of letters are written to him at Christmas asking for gifts. And he now lives in Lapland and every year, before Christmas week, he goes on holidays to the delight of all the kids.

Lapland - the fairytale home of Santa Claus

In modern Finland there is a place where a fairy tale lives all year round. This is Mount Korvantunturi in the Payo region, or magical Lapland. Here Santa Claus welcomes guests, from here a wonderful winter journey begins on reindeer.

Every year, many children come to an audience with Christmas grandfather. You can talk to Santa Claus, ask him to fulfill your cherished wish, and also write your wishes for the upcoming Christmas on the fabulous mail.

The organizers of the magical settlement have thought through everything to the smallest detail, and the flow of tourists every year tends to Lapland, from November to March. Souvenirs, a Christmas play about the baby Christ and just faith in a fairy tale - this is what you can give your child today for Christmas with the help of Santa Claus.

Russian Santa Claus and his granddaughter Snegurochka perfectly complement the family of fabulous winter wizards. Together, these characters bring a holiday to the lives of children and the belief in the miracle of kindness that Saint Nicholas once brought to Earth.

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