Why Celebrities Are Nude

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Why Celebrities Are Nude
Why Celebrities Are Nude

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Some "stars" undress in front of the public for the sake of frantic fees. Others - to confirm the status of a sex symbol. And the third - to once again "light up" and have fun from the heart!

Why celebrities are nude
Why celebrities are nude

Nu style - genre of art

It is believed that the nude style (from the French nu - nude), glorifying the beauty of the human body, originated as a genre of art during the Renaissance. The best painters and sculptors worked from the nude. The models for them were maids, wives or mistresses. They were not "stars" and posed either for love for a man or for money.

From the middle of the last century, “stars” began to appear in the nude style. Sociologists name 5 main reasons why celebrities like to be naked in front of the public.

Because it's trendy

Marilyn Monroe is considered the ancestor of this movement. At the beginning of her career, she earned little. And so she agreed to be nude for various calendars. She was paid $ 50 an hour for this job.

In 1953, Playboy magazine owner Hugh Hefner purchased one such calendar photo for $ 500 and used it to decorate the first issue of his magazine. The ensuing hype greatly increased the popularity of the actress, and many celebrities followed her example.

In 1991, Demi Moore starred in nude style for Vanity Fair magazine. Her photographs "blew up" the world of cinema, and after a short time there were photographs of naked Britney Spears, Monica Bellucci, Christina Aguilera and other stars of film and show business.

Crazy fees

In 2004, Monica Bellucci received about $ 3 million for a nude photo shoot. Demi Moore earned $ 12.5 million in 1996 by starring in the movie Striptease, in which she was completely naked in a number of scenes. Angelina Jolie received 15 million dollars in Timur Bekmambetov's film "Wanted", whose heroine repeatedly undressed during the film.

Mature ambitions

Aging will not escape even famous people, therefore, stars of 40 and more respectable age are increasingly undressing. Sharon Stone, 51, starred for the cover of Playboy magazine, and then advised women her age to admire her and wonder why they "retired themselves" so early. The legendary Sophia Loren posed nude at 72 for the Pirelly calendar. During the filming, the actress did not completely undress, but remained in beautiful underwear, demonstrating a sense of proportion and professionalism.

The desire of a professional to be in demand

Shooting in the nude style is sometimes not an independent decision of the "star", but a requirement of the producers and director. They say that Kate Winslet liked the script for the film "Titanic" so much that she spent a long time persuading director James Cameron to take her into the picture. In this film, she not only played great, but also showed the public her luxurious body.

For the sake of drive and shocking

The ticket price for Lady Gaga's concert sometimes reaches 50 thousand dollars, and her personal fortune is about 200 million dollars, but she does not betray herself and continues to shock the audience, stripping naked right on stage.

The reasons why the "stars" are filmed in the nude style are different, but it is especially pleasing when they do it beautifully and with an understanding of the extent to which it is worth being naked.

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