Until What Date Is The Summer Call

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Until What Date Is The Summer Call
Until What Date Is The Summer Call

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A conscription campaign is a period of time during which young people of conscription age can be sent to military service in the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. What time is the summer campaign?

Until what date does the summer call take place
Until what date does the summer call take place

The conscription in the Russian Federation is held twice a year: in the spring-summer and autumn-winter seasons. The timing of each campaign is established by Federal Law No. 53-FZ of March 28, 1998 "On Military Duty and Military Service."

Citizens subject to conscription

The categories of citizens who are subject to conscription are determined by Article 22 of the aforementioned Federal Law. In particular, it determines that recruiting activities can be implemented in relation to young people who are between the ages of 18 and 27 and are citizens of the Russian Federation. At the same time, a prerequisite for their assignment to service is that they do not have the right to receive a deferral or exemption from it.

In turn, a complete list of the grounds on which a young person can obtain the right to a postponement or exemption from military service is given in Articles 23 and 24 of the Law on Military Duty and Military Service. For example, a young person studying at a higher education institution who has certain diseases or other reasons mentioned in these articles may be eligible for a deferral.

Terms of the spring-summer call

The period of the conscription campaign in the spring-summer period is established by Article 25 of the specified regulatory legal act. It specifies that young people can be sent to military service from April 1 to July 15 of each year. At the same time, before the start of each campaign, the President of the Russian Federation issues a special decree in which he confirms the timing of its implementation and establishes the so-called "draft plan" - the number of young people who should be called up within the campaign. The autumn-winter conscription campaign is implemented in a similar way, which for most recruits takes place from October 1 to December 31 of each year.

Special categories of conscripts

At the same time, the current legislation identifies several special categories of conscripts who can be sent to the ranks of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation only in certain periods of time. For example, teachers who are active employees of educational institutions are sent to the service only as part of the spring-summer draft, and not in general terms, but from May 1 to July 15. In the same period, a spring conscription is held for residents of the Far North and territories of equal status.

The last category has the right to shorten the terms of the draft events in the autumn period: they can be called up from November 1 to December 31. But rural residents who are direct participants in sowing and harvesting operations are subject to assignment to the service only in autumn and winter: from October 15 to December 31.

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