What Does It Mean To Be A Knight

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What Does It Mean To Be A Knight
What Does It Mean To Be A Knight

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Knights have always been the embodiment of nobility, dedication and gallantry. Contemporaries were no exception, although they do not wear armor, like knights from time immemorial.

Modern knightly tournament
Modern knightly tournament

The first knights are cavalry warriors from Ancient Rome, because it was this title that indicated belonging to this kind of service. Much later, already in the Middle Ages, it began to indicate belonging to a noble family, and it could be obtained either by inheritance, having reached adulthood, or deserved by feats of arms on the battlefield. But glorious warriors were awarded this honorary title not only for military deeds.

In addition to courage and military honor, the knight had to have other positive qualities, for example, to be well-mannered, to honor the elders, to observe the laws of his order, which gave him the honor of being knighted, and to be able to deal with ladies gallantly. These features became characteristic of the knights during the Crusades and made them not only warriors, but also an integral attribute of high society and religion.

What does it mean to be a knight in the modern world

The concepts of chivalry in the modern world are slightly different from the concepts of antiquity. Today's knights do not need to go hiking, wear a particular type of clothing, be a horseman, or own land. For girls of the 21st century, a knight is, first of all, a gallant man capable of standing up for himself and his lady.

According to opinion polls, women see the knight of our time as well-educated, elegantly dressed, with an athletic body, impeccable manners and infinitely romantic. Moreover, military abilities and courage are often in the background, yielding to the knowledge of romantic poetry, the desire to give flowers and gifts to a woman, and the presence of financial stability.

Modern knightly orders

But modern men put a completely different meaning in the concept of a knight. Moreover, there are even knightly orders, similar to medieval ones, with their own charter, obligations, in which traditions are honored and rituals of initiation are performed, exactly repeating the ancient ones.

One of these orders is the Order of the Knights Templar, which has existed in Russia since 1993. The knights of the order sacredly honor religious rules, but do not observe strict monastic prohibitions, like the medieval founders of this movement. However, the charter of the modern Templars still contains such requirements as the protection of the disadvantaged, helping the poor, honoring the elders, respect and tenderness for the mother of their children and their parents. The members of the organization are engaged in the restoration of monuments, charity, the development of the knightly movement among young people, they hold demonstration tournaments and games.

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