What Is A Cooler

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What Is A Cooler
What Is A Cooler
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In the modern world, the word "cooler" usually means two types of devices or apparatus. So, the first means a special device for bottling or dosing drinking water, and the second is a cooling system for computers, laptops and other similar equipment.

What is a cooler
What is a cooler

Water cooler

In English, the name of this unit sounds like "water cooler". This device is a machine for cooling, heating and dispensing liquid, moreover, more advanced and high-tech devices can also carbonate and disinfect water. Such coolers are suitable both for home use and for use in public places.

The usual displacement of bottles for coolers is 12 or 19 liters, but there are also more compact devices with adapters for 5 liters. Moreover, the cooling process in such devices can be carried out thanks to two principles or types - compressor and electronic. The latter works with the help of Pelite elements.

Additional installation of coolers can be carried out in a free-standing cabinet or even a refrigerator. And the process of carbonating water in the device occurs by completing some models with a carbon dioxide cylinder, which are replaced if necessary.

Computer cooling

Cooler is translated from English as "cooler" used in computer devices with an air-cooled system. A cooler is a combination of a fan and a radiator mounted on computer electronics with increased heat generation. It is equipped with the central processor, graphics processor, chipset microcircuits and the device's power supply.

A more complex device is a cooler on heat pipes, which is necessary in the case of a limited space located directly next to the processor, near which there is a need to remove a large flow of heat from a small area. For this, heat pipes are used, which provide a greater heat transfer efficiency per unit section than when located only next to solid metal.

In modern computer production, fans are divided into three types - with 2, 3 and 4 contacts. The first one has the following wire markings: red for 12 volts, black for negative (ground), yellow for a tachometer that signals the speed of rotation, and blue for a digital signal. The second one with a yellow wire for 12 volts, black is negative as "ground", green is a tachometer of rotation speed and blue, which controls the speed using a PWM signal. The principle of operation of the third is the presence of blue wires through which control should be carried out.

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