How To Clean The Contacts Of The Battery Terminals To Remove Oxidation

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How To Clean The Contacts Of The Battery Terminals To Remove Oxidation
How To Clean The Contacts Of The Battery Terminals To Remove Oxidation

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The formation of white plaque on the battery terminals is one of those problems that sooner or later every motorist has to face. The most common cause of this problem is the poor technical condition of the battery.

Cleaning the battery terminals
Cleaning the battery terminals

In most cases, oxidation at the battery terminals is a kind of "bell" that very soon the car owner will have to shell out a certain amount of money to buy a new battery. If the required amount is not yet available, at first you can get by with a simple removal of the oxidation.

Removal of oxidation on terminals

In order to remove white oxidation deposits, you can use an ordinary metal brush (with metal, stainless steel bristles) or sandpaper. It should be remembered that the lead, of which the battery terminal is composed, is a rather fragile material, therefore, the contacts must be cleaned carefully so as not to damage them.

Some motorists clean problem terminals with a cloth soaked in gasoline. This method is very effective, but requires extreme care when working with a flammable liquid.

To prevent oxidation from forming again

Even on very carefully cleaned battery terminals, white oxidation can form again, so you must try not to give it this opportunity. Based on the fact that the main reason for the formation of plaque is the effect of the electrolyte on the lead base of the contacts (this is facilitated by the breakdown of the battery), it is necessary to isolate the contacts.

You can effectively protect the battery contacts from the harmful effects of the electrolyte using the old, "old-fashioned" method. To do this, cut out two washers with a diameter of about 25-30 mm from ordinary felt and soak them in machine oil. Then you need to put one washer on the battery terminal and install the terminal of the vehicle's on-board network. The second washer should be fixed over the side contact of the car.

As insulation of the battery terminal, you can use solid oil or technical petroleum jelly. If finances permit, you can purchase for these purposes a special spray to protect batteries or a popular tool called "Lubrication-protection of battery terminals from corrosion." The people use the word "electro fat" for the name of this product.

Other causes of plaque formation on terminals

Battery breakdown is not the only cause of the problem, although it is the most common. White plaque can also form as a result of a malfunction of the car's electrical network, which may appear due to insufficiently reliable contact with the battery terminals.

Also, oxidation can form due to clogged battery ventilation holes or a loose battery mount.

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