How To Find An Address By Home Number

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How To Find An Address By Home Number
How To Find An Address By Home Number
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Sometimes situations arise when you need to find out the address where your friend lives, and you only have his home phone number in your hands. In this case, it is enough to spend a little time searching with the help of special programs or the Internet, and the problem will be solved.

How to find an address by home number
How to find an address by home number


Step 1

The first thing to do is, of course, call your available home phone number. Either you hear the voice of a friend, or talk to someone who may know his current address.

Step 2

If the new owners of the home number cannot help you, find the telephone directory of the city in which your friend is believed to live. Compare his name and phone number and look at the list of suggested addresses. When you determine the street and house number, drive to this address and ask your neighbors to find out the apartment number. Most often, this method does not give a tangible result, since all directories of telephone directories are periodicals and the information on their pages quickly becomes irrelevant.

Step 3

Use the electronic version of the directory - it is constantly updated, so you can safely hope that the provided address data is not outdated. Download the directory to your computer, then use any search engine to determine the city of your friend's residence according to the phone number code. When you find out the name of the city, select it from the list in the electronic directory, in the window that appears, enter your home phone number and click on "Search". The program will process your request and display the data of your friend's registration address.

Step 4

In addition to the reference book, you can use paid search sites. Find one of these sites, follow the link and enter the information that will be needed for the search. Then enter your mobile phone number and click on "Search". After some time, an SMS will be sent to your cell phone, in which you will see an access code. Enter this code in the window on the site, log in and get the necessary information about the address of your friend.

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