What Was The Punishment Of Raskolnikov

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What Was The Punishment Of Raskolnikov
What Was The Punishment Of Raskolnikov

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The novel "Crime and Punishment" is one of the main works of F.M. Dostoevsky. The hero of the book, Rodion Raskolnikov, commits the worst crime by any measure - murder. The writer reflected in the novel the contradictory inner world of his hero, who was punished for his deed.

Portrait of F.M. Dostoevsky. Artist V. Perov
Portrait of F.M. Dostoevsky. Artist V. Perov


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The main content of Dostoevsky's novel is associated with the inner experiences of Raskolnikov, who decided to kill. Initially, the hero decided to prove to himself that he is not a "trembling creature", but has the right to decide the fate of people. But the result of his crime was a sharp internal conflict, which caused a whole range of feelings, in which fear of imminent punishment was mixed with despair and remorse.

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Raskolnikov is a very sensitive person. He is acutely aware of injustice. The pictures of St. Petersburg, in which the luxury of some is interspersed with poverty and the suffering of others, evoke an inner protest in him. It is hard for the hero of the novel to see how ordinary people are looking for a way out of life's impasse. Gradually, he develops a gloomy view of reality, which turns into constant internal oppression.

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It is quite possible that the bleak pictures of city life and desperate poverty allowed Raskolnikov to consider himself an avenger and a rebel, rebelling against the existing social foundations. The hero, who was to experience severe remorse for what he had done in the future, at first did not think about the possible moral punishment for the act that he had conceived in his feverish delirium.

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Some critics rightly believe that the main thing in the novel is its second part, devoted to the punishment of the hero. No, the punishment for double murder for Raskolnikov was not hard labor. A far more powerful effect was the excruciating and incessant sense of disconnection from others. The people closest to Rodion suddenly became completely strangers. Feeling the love of his mother and sister, he still suffers immensely, feeling like a murderer, unworthy of forgiveness.

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In fact, Raskolnikov punishes himself. He excluded himself from among those people who are worthy of respect and love. The hero, as if with sharp scissors, cut off from his personality a piece of what made him human. The insoluble inner conflict experienced by Raskolnikov grew into a painful state that made his soul torn every minute from self-pity and from the realization that he was no longer able to change anything.

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Raskolnikov suffers deeply because his theory of the superman has failed. He realizes that by his action he put himself on the same level with those small personalities whom he deeply despised. It turned out that he had killed not the old money-giver, but himself, trampled on his personality. And this thought became the main punishment for the hero of the novel, before which the horrors of imprisonment and hard labor faded.

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