How To Make A Shell

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How To Make A Shell
How To Make A Shell
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The sausage appeared several hundred years ago. Then it was stuffed into an empty chicken neck. Then they began to use casings from various intestines, which were kept in brine to maintain freshness. So much time has passed, but in the manufacture of sausages they are still used as a shell of the intestines of animals. If for some reason you do not like stuffing sausage mince into such casings, there are several other options.

How to make a shell
How to make a shell


  • - small intestines of animals;
  • - muslin;
  • - salt.


Step 1

In the manufacture of some types of sausages, muslin casings are used - these are mainly salami, blood, liverwurst, Braunschweig and Bolognese sausages. Take a strong muslin, sew from it bags about 5 cm in diagonal and 45 centimeters long. Soak the bags in water, wring out and stuff with minced meat with spices according to the recipe while still wet.

Step 2

To make the casings for sausages from the intestines, you must first of all have livestock on your farm. Take the still warm insides - cut off the intestine just at the end of the stomach and begin to gently pull until the large intestine appears. Cut it off, you only need a thin one. Remove all the fat from it - it comes off quite easily. Rinse the colon very thoroughly under running warm water, turning inside out.

If you are going to do this procedure alone, then for convenience, divide the intestine into equal parts. You will need help to turn out the entire length. Scrape off the mucous layer from the surface of the intestine with the blunt side of a knife. Repeat this several times to clean the future shell qualitatively. Invert the colon again and rinse. If you don't need the shells urgently, sprinkle them with salt and freeze them in the freezer.

Step 3

For the production of cellulose casing, a special type of cotton is used. It is dissolved, tied with a special composition - a homogeneous elastic, non-fragile shell is obtained. Large manufacturers of sausage products are happy to use such casings in the manufacture of sausages.

Step 4

They form casings for sausages and collagen, which is found in all connective tissues, cartilage and bones. The extract of the gelatinous substance of collagen is broken into tiny particles, which are then collected back, making a shell. It is difficult for small sausage producers to find such casings as they are supplied in large quantities to large factories.

Step 5

After drying the sausage, the casing of protein fibers takes its shape, fitting tightly and elastic. In such a casing, mainly dried sausages are stuffed.

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