Which Stone Corresponds To The Sign Of Gemini

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Which Stone Corresponds To The Sign Of Gemini
Which Stone Corresponds To The Sign Of Gemini

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Since ancient times, people have endowed stones with mythical properties and even character. It was believed that each of them has its own energy, influencing and interacting with the human energy field. Therefore, it is not surprising that stones began to be associated with the signs of the zodiac, which also affect the character and energy of people born under their patronage.

Which stone corresponds to the sign of Gemini
Which stone corresponds to the sign of Gemini


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The Gemini zodiac sign patronizes those people who were born from May 21 to June 21. This sign is characterized by the general property of duality - duality, a combination of incongruous, contradictory. The element of Gemini is air, hence their light, slightly detached attitude to life, some superficiality in relationships, which, in some cases, turns out to be carefully thought out and balanced. Impracticality in this sign is fully combined with pragmatism, external fragility - with a strong character, and vice versa. Gemini can easily do different things at the same time, they are flexible, communicative and easily find a common language with a variety of people.

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It is possible to emphasize the strengths of this difficult character and compensate for the weak ones with the help of a talisman stone, which coincides in energy with this sign. Those stones that correspond to the sign of Gemini include: carnelian, emerald, coral, pearls, citrine, amethyst, aventurine, beryl, rock crystal. But most of all, in terms of its properties, this sign coincides with alexandrite and amethyst.

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The stone alexandrite, bearing the name of one of the Russian emperors, was found in the Ural mountains in 1831 at the emerald mines. In natural light, this amazing stone has a rich bluish-green color, and in the light of a candle or lamp, it changes to a reddish-purple or violet. By this ability to change color, you can always distinguish natural alexandrite from artificial, which does not have such sharp color changes when changing lighting.

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It is believed that alexandrite is able to change its color not only from lighting, but also from the fate of its owner. If yellow shades appear in its color, you should expect trouble, illness or impending dangers. Since its first deposits were explored in Russia, initially it even began to be called the "Russian prophetic stone". This talisman stone is necessary for Gemini to extinguish their excessive emotionality, it teaches them restraint and wisdom, calms and brings them into a harmonious state, balancing all their pros and cons.

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Amethyst will also help to extinguish the outbursts of emotions characteristic of this sign. He is able to warn against drunkenness, in which Gemini often find a way out, extinguishing their passion with alcohol. The inner balance that amethyst gives to its owner can even reveal in him the gift of sober and critical thinking, which is perceived by many as clairvoyance.

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