How To Disassemble An Aluminum Radiator

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How To Disassemble An Aluminum Radiator
How To Disassemble An Aluminum Radiator

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Aluminum and bimetallic radiators are disassembled in the same way as cast iron. The main difference is the smaller key and nipple sizes. However, some peculiarities and nuances should be taken into account.

How to disassemble an aluminum radiator
How to disassemble an aluminum radiator


  • - a set of cap and socket wrenches;
  • - radiator key;
  • - new gaskets and gaskets.


Step 1

First of all, disconnect the aluminum radiator from the heating system and drain the water from it. If the heating system consists of polypropylene or metal-plastic pipes, for this it is necessary to unscrew the collapsible couplings. It is more difficult to disconnect the radiator from the heating system made of metal pipes. Try to disassemble the squeegee on the supply to the radiator. If this does not work, cut the squeegee, and install a new one during installation.

Step 2

Unscrew the radiator mounts, if any. Remove it from the hooks. Place the radiator on a flat surface - on the floor or on a table. Place some kind of cloth or cardboard mat beforehand, as remaining dirt and water may leak out. If you put the radiator with its front side facing you, there will be a right-hand thread on the radiator sections and nipples on the right side, and left-hand threads on the left side. After dismantling the filter, immediately clean it: almost always, various types of debris accumulate there.

Step 3

Take a box or socket wrench of the required size and unscrew the threaded connections of the radiator sections in the required direction. Use a ratchet wrench for convenience. Then prepare a special radiator wrench. If there is none and there is no way to get it, make it yourself from a bar and a welding machine. The key should have an eyelet for the handle on one side, and on the other - a flat screwdriver wide enough to pass through the holes of the nipples with a small gap and abut against their internal protrusions.

Step 4

Unscrew the nipple. To do this, insert the radiator wrench to the appropriate depth into the open nipple hole. When doing this, be extremely careful to rotate the key in the direction of the thread. If there is an error in determining the direction of the thread and excessive efforts, you will tear it off. When disassembling, immediately clean the gaskets between the sections, remove the silicone gaskets under the plug. Install new ones when assembling the radiator.

Step 5

Please note that some models of aluminum radiators are non-separable. Having shown remarkable efforts, it is possible to disassemble them, but it will hardly be possible to assemble them.

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