Application Of Aluminum

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Application Of Aluminum
Application Of Aluminum
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Aluminum is a light paramagnetic silver-colored metal with high thermal and electrical conductivity and excellent corrosion resistance. Aluminum is easily machined, cast and formed, is the most common metal and is used in many industries.

Application of aluminum
Application of aluminum

Aerospace and transportation industry

Due to its lightness, high resistance to corrosion and excellent pliability to stamping, this metal is used as the main structural material in the aviation and aerospace industries. The most heavily loaded aircraft parts are made of duralumin: a reinforcing kit, casing, etc. It was used in the construction of the space satellites "Luna", "Venus", "Mars", visited the moon and returned to earth. In addition, it was used as the base material for the hulls of the high-speed hydrofoils Raketa and Meteor. As a structural material, aluminum has a significant drawback - low strength, so now it is gradually being replaced by composite materials.

Aluminum is also widely used in land transport. In the automotive industry, it was first used as decorative parts back in 1914. Now more than 100 different automotive parts are made from this metal, and their number is growing every year. This is evidenced by the data obtained as a result of statistical studies, according to which, in 1948, 3.2 kg were used for the manufacture of one car, now large world companies use from 100 to 150 kg in some models. Rail transport keeps up with cars.

Construction, casting and electrical engineering

Increasingly, the "winged" metal is used in construction. In new modern buildings, you can now find many elements made of aluminum alloys. Lightweight and durable ceilings and beams, railings, fences, columns, ventilation and glazing elements made of aluminum are used in the construction of many public buildings and sports complexes.

In the foundry industry, an alloy of aluminum and silicon, which gives low shrinkage and liquation, makes it possible to obtain parts of a very complex configuration. Engine blocks and casings, various types of impellers, pistons, cylinder heads and many other elements are made from this alloy by casting.

In electrical engineering, aluminum is used in power transmission lines, in power cables and as a sheath for conductive elements. It is used to make conductive buses, cable lugs and sleeves, cable channels, radiators-combs, distribution traverses, electrical substation cabinets and power transmission line supports.

Food production

The foil used for packaging various industrial and food products, from chocolate candies and aluminum cans, to cosmetics and medicines, is made from pure aluminum. More than 1 million tons of aluminum are consumed annually for the production of foil of various thicknesses and purposes. In the recent past, dishes and cutlery made of food-grade aluminum were also very popular, which can still be found in some catering establishments.

In addition, aluminum is used in the chemical, oil and gas industries as pipelines, containers and assembly elements.

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