How To Transplant A Birch

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How To Transplant A Birch
How To Transplant A Birch

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Birch is a very beautiful tree, and many summer residents do not mind planting it on their site. But here the question arises. How to properly organize the transfer of a seedling from the forest so that it quickly takes root in a new place?

How to transplant a birch
How to transplant a birch


Step 1

In the nursery, you can buy a seedling of different types of birch - paper, far-Karlian, Daurian, American and many others. But if you want to plant a beautiful Russian forest, a drooping birch, dig up a wild natural seedling.

Step 2

To transplant birch, choose the best time in Central Russia - early spring, when the leaves are not yet blooming. But you can do this in the fall, although there is a risk that the seedlings will not cope well with the winter.

Step 3

Look for small wilds along the road or in abandoned fields and choose the ones that you like the most. Overgrown trees, more than a meter, it is better not to take, they take root much worse.

Step 4

Dig in the ground around the seedling with a spade bayonet. Try not to damage the long lateral roots, although birch is not capricious in this regard. Now start to bury the shovel under the main root and, using force, pull the tree out of the ground. It is more convenient to do this with an assistant.

Step 5

Try to keep a clod of earth on the roots. For small half-meter seedlings, 20x20x20 is enough. Wrap the roots with a lump of earth with foil or place in a bucket, after which you can transport the birch to a new place.

Step 6

Choose a well-lit place in your garden, then you can count on the fact that a beautiful, spreading tree with long hanging branches will grow. In the shade under other trees, such an effect from a dangling birch cannot be expected, it will stretch strongly, and the crown is formed only at the top of the trunk.

Step 7

Dig a hole, place the roots of the tree in it and cover it with garden soil, humus, sand and peat, taken in a ratio of 2: 1: 1: 1. If you are planting birch in spring, you can add 200 g of compound fertilizer. And if in the fall - then phosphorus-potassium.

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