How To Melt Steel

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How To Melt Steel
How To Melt Steel

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Increasingly, men are thinking about how to melt steel at home. This is quite possible if you think over everything well and create with your own hands a special furnace not for fusible materials, but specifically for steel.

How to melt steel
How to melt steel


Step 1

Purchase heating elements, try building your own oven. This will significantly save your budget and bring satisfaction from the work done. The only problem you may encounter is temperature regulation, but it is quite possible to do without it if you fully control the melting process.

Step 2

Set aside a special place for melting steel that will not harm anyone. This can be a garage if there is enough room to house your equipment. When using homemade coal and diesel furnaces, do not forget to organize thermal insulation and air blowing. Fireclay is perfect for thermal insulation.

Step 3

For a simple pastime with no serious intentions, try creating a small oven for boiling rather than full melting. This usually takes a lot of time and effort.

Step 4

Remember, the melting point depends on the composition of the steel. For beginners, this can be problematic, but over time, with the accumulation of experience, you will learn how to properly withstand time and determine the readiness of steel for further work on it. From a school physics course, you should know that the approximate melting temperature of steel is 1300-1400 degrees, which characterizes steel as a refractory material.

Step 5

When heated, the steel becomes soft and loses strength. Therefore, the melting process characterizes the quality of this steel. To heat the steel to the required temperature, it is necessary to introduce additional heat into the furnace using regenerators. The electric smelting method uses electricity.

Step 6

Use any kind of scrap in crucible induction furnaces. Add slags, they improve the melting activity. Be sure to follow the readings of the device, if necessary, change the melting mode to a more gentle one.

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