How To Melt Lead

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How To Melt Lead
How To Melt Lead

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Lead is immediately recognized by its external features, it is flexible enough, does not break, easily melts under a hammer, and has a dark gray color. It belongs to low-melting metals, as it melts at 327 degrees. In the event that it is in an alloy with another metal, the melting point can significantly decrease or increase. Lead is quite suitable for domestic foundry work

How to melt lead
How to melt lead


Step 1

It is not at all difficult to get lead, it can be done in organizations involved in the disposal of raw materials. It is advisable to purchase a purer lead. Before you start melting lead, prepare a mold in which you will pour it. Take an old cast iron saucepan, put it on the fire, put the pieces of lead in a saucepan and keep over the heat until the lead looks like a shiny liquid. Make sure that there are no small pieces left. If the temperature required to melt lead is exceeded, it will begin to take on a reddish tint.

Step 2

While the lead is on the fire, prepare the casting mold by warming it up a little to avoid partial or uneven casting. After that, clamp the mold in a vice attached to the table. For these purposes, there are also special clamps and molds with welded handles.

Step 3

Once the lead has melted, scrape off any debris from the surface with a knife or spoon. Then scoop up a small amount of lead with a large spoon and carefully pour it into the mold, placing it near the pan beforehand, as it can spill and leave serious burns on your hands. People who constantly work with lead prefer to pour it into a mold with a special spoon with a small notch on the side.

Step 4

Wait a few minutes for the lead to harden, then release the form from the vice, open it. It is better to work with gloves, as the mold will be very hot.

Step 5

The finally finished product will cool down in at least an hour. All costs due to uneven fit of parts of the mold can be cut with a knife.

Step 6

Lead can also be obtained from a regular battery. To do this, disassemble the battery by draining the acid first and leaving it upside down for one day. After that, break off the sides of the battery and remove the lead plates that are in the rubber bags. Melt them as described above. Charcoal can help prevent surface oxidation during smelting - just sprinkle it over the lead while smelting.

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