Level - Height Difference Measuring Device

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Level - Height Difference Measuring Device
Level - Height Difference Measuring Device

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The level is a special optical device for measuring the difference in heights, uneven surfaces. The difference in heights can be measured both between large points, objects, and between several small cells.

Level - a device for measuring the difference in height
Level - a device for measuring the difference in height

Varieties of levels

Depending on various parameters, levels can be divided into: laser and optical. According to the measurement accuracy, these devices are divided into high-precision, as well as precise and technical geodetic devices. Despite the seemingly relative simplicity of the device of the levels, not everyone knows how to use them.

How to work with the level

Optical level has been used since time immemorial. Back in the 17th century, with the invention of pipes and various levels, the first levels appeared. They had a fairly simple design: a pipe for the ability to look, a special cylindrical level and a trigger - a stand for the level. Before starting work, you need to set up the tripod correctly: you need to find a suitable place for convenient measurements.

Surveyors with experience behind them can find such a point pretty quickly. From this point, as many anchor points that can be measured should be accessible and visible. The tripod should be set up as straight as possible. The installation site of this unit should be as level as possible. To adjust the desired level of the level, you just need to change the height of the legs by twisting them.

Next, you need to install the level on a tripod. This should be done as smoothly as possible. Then you need to adjust the horizontal position. This procedure is performed using the trigger screws. This procedure is not difficult to do: you just need to turn the device parallel to the two screws, and then bring the bubble to the center of the visible circle.

The next step is to rotate the instrument relative to the two screws, and mark the bubble in the center of the circle. Then you should turn the level perpendicularly and throw the bubble into the center with the third screw. Now you need to return the level to its original position and control.

The next step is to determine the horizon of the instrument. To perform this operation, it is advisable to place the staff at a known point. Further, to the known level, you need to add or subtract the rake report. This point will be the horizon, and now it is necessary to rewrite the points compiled earlier, or make new points.

The purpose of the level

As for the laser level, this device is designed for indoor use. It will come in handy when leveling the floor, ceilings, walls of the apartment. Also, with the help of these laser devices, you can lay tiles indoors.

If we talk about the level in general, then it can and must be said that working with this device is relatively simple. Moreover, when buying a level, detailed instructions must be attached to it. With careful reading, mastering the level will not be difficult. For example, if you need to measure the evenness of walls, you need to draw a horizontal line along the surface with a laser, and then use a ruler to determine the irregularities.

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