How To Find Out The Level Of Intelligence

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How To Find Out The Level Of Intelligence
How To Find Out The Level Of Intelligence

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The concept of intelligence is very broad - it includes a number of human abilities that allow an individual to think, perceive knowledge, and quickly adapt to the environment. That is, intelligence implies both mental abilities - verbal knowledge, language, vocabulary, imagination, arithmetic skills, spatial perception, and practical ingenuity. To determine the level of intelligence, systems and tests have been developed, the first of which were compiled by the French psychologist Alfred Binet back in 1905.

How to find out the level of intelligence
How to find out the level of intelligence


Step 1

The most common way to test intelligence is IQ tests (Intelligence quotient). The most popular and accurate test systems are developed by the German psychologist Hans Jorgen Eysenck. He proposed to measure the level of intelligence on a scale from 0 to 160 points, where the mark 160 is equal to the highest, practically unattainable level of intelligence. The average value is 100. Thus, a test of intelligence by testing is a simple comparison of one's abilities with the abilities of other people on a generally accepted scale.

Step 2

To determine your level of intelligence, determine the methodology. For example, you can choose the popular Eysenck IQ test. Prepare a brochure with the methodology or use interactive tests on the Internet. Read the instructions for use. There is a limited amount of time to take any intelligence test.

Step 3

Read the questions carefully, as even their formulation can be such as to confuse the test taker. You can skip too difficult tasks and try to solve them at the end of testing, if you have time. Stay focused and not distracted by anything while testing your IQ.

Step 4

Deciphering the test takes no more than 2-3 minutes. If this is an interactive test, then you will see the result almost immediately. The more points are scored, the higher the intelligence of the test taker. The result is conventionally divided into five groups: 0-70 points, 71-85 points, 86-115 points, 116-129 points and more than 130 points. Approximately 50% of the population has an IQ level of 90 to 110 points and only 25% have an IQ level of more than 110 points. Only 0.5% of the population are highly intelligent people - their IQ level is more than 140 points. A test result of less than 70 indicates mental retardation. As a rule, this degree of mental retardation is debility associated with developmental delay or brain damage during intrauterine development of the fetus.

Step 5

The level of knowledge is one of the aspects of the development of human intelligence. Verbal intelligence (writing, reading, speech), logical-mathematical and general knowledge can be checked by passing the Russian unified state exam. During this exam, tasks of the same type are offered and uniform assessment methods are applied. Interactive USE tests in all their variety are also posted on the net.

Step 6

It is possible and necessary to correct and develop your intelligence, especially if the result of the IQ test is not satisfactory. Exercise regularly for the mind, solve logic and arithmetic problems, study languages, read fiction and scientific literature, practice on different tests and just train your brain by solving crosswords.

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