How To Notify About A New Number

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How To Notify About A New Number
How To Notify About A New Number

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Newly established publications with modest advertising budgets often struggle to reach their audiences. But with the proper use of modern communication facilities, you can significantly increase the sales of a room at a relatively modest cost.

How to notify about a new number
How to notify about a new number

It is necessary

  • - a story to be continued in the next issue;
  • - Internet mailing / SMS mailing;
  • - TV / outdoor advertising;
  • - souvenir / bonus.


Step 1

Each new issue of any publication is an event. To notify as many people as possible about it, there are many different ways. One of the low-budget, but very effective, is an interesting, but untold story. Choose the most popular heading in your publication, publish relevant material in the form of journalistic investigation. But at the end of the article write: "Read the continuation of this story in the next issue." And on the same page with a bright red background, publish the ad "Next issue on sale with (number)". So you will not only notify about the next issue even before its release, but also increase its sales due to the intrigue around the article.

Step 2

A more expensive form of informing readers is advertising combined with souvenir products. The scheme is simple - you attach a small bonus to the new issue, corresponding to the theme of the publication, and communicate this through television, outdoor or other advertising. People wanting to buy both a magazine and a souvenir will buy out a new issue within a few days.

Step 3

The cost of promotional items can seem overwhelming for newer titles. Therefore, you can leave the idea itself, but dumb change the form of its embodiment. Attach a special magazine to one of the issues and announce a gift for everyone who fills it in with special stickers. In this case, readers themselves will keep track of the release date of the new issue and purchase all issues in order to receive a prize.

Step 4

If you are an employee of a publication that has its own website, then notify registered users using an email newsletter. Compose an announcement of a new issue, add illustrations and send it to your readers.

Step 5

It is even easier to notify regular wholesale buyers of your publication. Use SMS mailing. This will help you save time and inform all partners about the issue.

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