Air Rifle Beretta CX4 Storm: Features And Benefits

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Air Rifle Beretta CX4 Storm: Features And Benefits
Air Rifle Beretta CX4 Storm: Features And Benefits

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The Umarex Beretta CX4 Storm is considered one of the best rifles for recreational shooting and small hunting. The rifle was implemented on the basis of a self-loading carbine for a pistol cartridge 9 mm, and therefore has a number of tangible advantages in its price category.

Rifle Umarex Beretta CX4 Storm
Rifle Umarex Beretta CX4 Storm

The Umarex Beretta CX4 Storm is an excellent replica of the original firearm in a gas cylinder version. It is an excellent tool for sports and recreational shooting, characterized by good quality and solid performance, balanced weight and excellent ergonomics.

Tactical and technical characteristics

With an insignificant weight of an unloaded rifle of 2.4 kilograms, the weapon is distinguished by its exponential power and rate of fire. The initial bullet speed declared by the manufacturer is 175 m / s, the muzzle energy is 7.5 J. Even with a standard ball weight of 4.5 mm, the shot has excellent lethality. Shooting a magazine loaded with thirty balls can be performed in 12-14 seconds without significant loss of accuracy. The rifle is also very compact: the displacement of the charging mechanism and automation into the base of the butt made it possible to reduce the overall length to 780 mm while maintaining a sufficient barrel length - 445 mm. The forend of the rifle is made of high-quality ABS plastic, the stock and butt material is a high-impact polymer reinforced with fiberglass. The rifle has an open sight with an adjustable front sight and rail, equipped with a Picatinny Rail for attaching additional sights. It is also possible to attach a tactical bar to the front of the forearm.


Since the rifle is based on the prototype of a self-loading carbine, it retains excellent weight distribution and ease of use. The butt plate is of medium hardness, without the possibility of additional adjustment. The fore-end has a constant profile along its entire length, it fits comfortably and tightly in the hand. The rifle has a soft trigger travel of 3-3, 5 mm, the recoil when fired is almost imperceptible.

Device and build quality

The rifle body consists of two side halves, each of which has a number of components. Inside the housing, there are sturdy seats for the installation of the actuators, which are characterized by a high precision of fit. The absence of gaps and open grooves in the design allows the rifle to be used even in rain and dust. The rifle is equipped with a BlowBack mechanism, which simulates the operation of automatic firearms.

Shooting experience

When shooting ten balls through a chronograph, the rifle shows an enviable constant muzzle energy: from 172 to 175 meters per second. Accuracy of hits from a line of 30 meters can be up to 60 millimeters, from a line of 55 meters - 85 millimeters. Thanks to excellent ergonomics, even with very intense high-speed shooting, the accuracy is reduced slightly. Muzzle energy is most often enough to pierce an empty glass bottle from 20-30 meters.

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