How To Set Up A Bike Derailleur

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How To Set Up A Bike Derailleur
How To Set Up A Bike Derailleur
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For cycling to be comfortable and enjoyable, the system must be fine-tuned and properly configured. No exception is the gearshift system. A clear shift should be carried out under all conditions with a smooth transition.

How to set up a bike derailleur
How to set up a bike derailleur


Step 1

The full setting of the bike's gear shifting must be done in the store with the help of specialists. But in cases where the cable is loose, you can adjust the derailleur yourself. Remember that both derailleurs on your bike have a pair of stop bolts that should only be touched in exceptional cases. These bolts are used to prevent the chain from slipping into the spokes and shifting beyond the smallest gear.

Step 2

For example, in the case when there is no switching of the chain to the largest gear. The situation can be corrected by slightly unscrewing the restrictive bolt located at the top. Since they are not labeled, you will have to trace the offset of the switch yourself. To do this, squat down behind the bike so that you can see the wheels in line, and begin to slowly turn the bolt. In this case, you should be able to see where the switch is shifted.

Step 3

To perform the rear derailleur trim, place the chain on the largest gear. Rotating the pedals, use the shifter to move the chain to the second gear. The tension on the cable jacket should be loosened if the chain immediately jumps to the third gear. To do this, turn the plastic boss where the cable comes to the switch 1/8 turn clockwise.

Step 4

If the chain, on the contrary, does not jump to the second gear, the cable must be pulled tighter by unscrewing the boss. Then the chain should be placed on the back of the second gear. Unscrew the boss slowly while rotating the pedals. As soon as you notice that the chain will now slide onto the third gear, screw the boss back 1/8 of a turn or less until the characteristic noise disappears.

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