How To Handle New Skis

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How To Handle New Skis
How To Handle New Skis

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Manufacturers do not process new skis with either wax or special ointments. Therefore, this task falls on your shoulders. Of course, this procedure is optional, but it helps them slide much faster.

How to handle new skis
How to handle new skis

It is necessary

  • - iron on a solid panel;
  • - ski wax;
  • - a clean rag;
  • - plastic scraper;
  • - a brush for skis.


Step 1

Plug in the iron and set the temperature to a low setting. Do not use new plastic irons for handling skis. It is better to take the old one so that it is not a pity to stain it with wax. It should also be on a smooth faceplate without any holes or cracks.

Step 2

Lay the skis on a flat surface with the bottom side up. Of course, it is best to use special clamps or vise for this. But if you don't have them, then just ask someone to hold the skis while handling. Thoroughly clean the surface of the skis with a cloth from dust and dirt that may have accumulated on them during the sale. Make sure they are ready to be processed.

Step 3

Hold the heated iron 2.5 cm above the surface of the skis. Start processing not from the middle, but from the edge. After that, apply some wax to the iron, making sure it melts and starts dripping onto your skis. Work over the entire surface of the skis, spreading the wax evenly over the center.

Step 4

Stop at the bottom of the skis. Use a light pressure reciprocating motion. Wax the end of the skis and allow time to cool and harden. Now take a plastic scraper. Begin to scrape off the applied wax, holding it at an angle and working from the highest point to the lowest. Repeat this 3-4 times until all the wax is gone.

Step 5

Take a special ski brush and start brushing off the wax from the plastic surface of your skis. Use a forward motion only, applying light pressure to the tool. Make 5-6 passes. Repeat all the previous steps with the other ski.

Step 6

Place your treated skis on a balcony or any other cold spot. Sometimes it is recommended to put them in the snow to consolidate the effect of the treatment. Then bring them back into the warm room. In the morning you can already experience the results of your labors. If you did everything in accordance with the instructions, the skis will simply fly along the track.

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