Bicycle Gearshift Adjustment: Features

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Bicycle Gearshift Adjustment: Features
Bicycle Gearshift Adjustment: Features
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The gearshift mechanism on a bicycle is an important element of modern mountain and sports models of this vehicle. The systems of such mechanisms are very diverse, but the principle of their adjustment is almost the same. However, they still have some specific features.

Bicycle gearshift adjustment: features
Bicycle gearshift adjustment: features

Fundamental rules

For a more radical adjustment, you need to slightly unscrew the two adjusting screws marked with the Lo and Hi symbols, as well as the nut that secures the shifter drive cable. If there is a nut tightening the cable, screw it back in. Then, to adjust the shifting of bicycle speeds, you need to take the Lo (+) screw and debug by twisting or loosening the position of the shifter. This shifter will ensure that the rollers of the first gear and the lower large gear are in the same plane. The adjusting screw must be tightened gently and at low speeds, observing the state of the derailleur on the small and large sprockets.

The next step is to lightly tension the derailleur cable - with the first gear set in place - after which this position is securely secured with a screw. Then the switch is set to maximum speed, and the chain on the pedal set is placed on the large sprocket and its position is adjusted with the Hi (+) screw. Finally, you need to check that the gears are necessarily in the same plane. When using a bike, remember that the last two gears cannot be applied simultaneously.

Additional rules

First of all, the adjustment mechanism must always be free of dust, dirt and debris, as well as of lubricants. To align your bike chain correctly, make sure it hangs from the largest chainring in the front and the smallest chainring in the back. To check the adjustment mechanism, you need to shift the speed lever down one notch so that the chain is on the next sprocket. If this does not happen, you need to adjust the cable tension and check the parallelism of the stars, as well as the derailleur frame. When the switch is shifted by 1-2 mm, nothing terrible will happen, however, the speeds will switch with difficulty.

The most popular mistakes novice cyclists make are incorrectly set up the high gear propeller, resulting in poor derailleur performance from first gear down or up. Bad debugging of the chain screw is also common, which is accompanied by its dropping from the carriage and not triggering the first gear. Experienced cyclists recommend lubricating the gears and carriage with grease after each ride on a bicycle to protect them from premature wear and better contact of rubbing surfaces.

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