How To Use A New Wallet Correctly To Keep Money Flowing

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How To Use A New Wallet Correctly To Keep Money Flowing
How To Use A New Wallet Correctly To Keep Money Flowing

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The question of material well-being has always been vital. There are many signs associated with the presence or absence of money. According to one of the beliefs, in order for money to be in abundance, you need to have a "correct" wallet and use it correctly.

"Correct" color wallet
"Correct" color wallet

Choosing a wallet

First, the wallet that attracts money must have the "correct" color. It can be all shades of red, since red is considered active. In addition, the "money" colors include gold and silver, as they symbolize wealth. Brown represents fertile land and can also be chosen. And the green tint represents growth, flowering and fruiting, and therefore bills will multiply in a green wallet. In any case, the color of the wallet should please the owner and evoke pleasant emotions and associations in him. Only in this case will he be able to magically attract money.

Secondly, the wallet should not be made of low-quality materials: fabric, polyethylene, plastic. The energy of poverty emanates from such an accessory, which means that large bills are unlikely to appear there. The material should be natural, not artificial. Better to choose a wallet made of suede or leather. And it must also have compartments for small change and for large bills.

Using the wallet

It is recommended to put either a coin or a bill in a new wallet, which should not be spent or exchanged under any circumstances. According to signs, other money will come to them, which means that the wallet will never be empty.

In addition, it is advised to put a precious or semi-precious stone, for example, alexandrite, pearl, amethyst or topaz, in a newly acquired wallet for a while. The gem must subsequently be removed, and a piece of cinnamon should be placed in its place. The semi-precious stone can be left. This ritual will attract money.

For the same purpose, it is recommended to put a piece of horseradish in a new wallet, but it must be grown independently. You can put a piece of heather in the coin compartment. It is believed to attract wealth. Mint, clover, grapes, green and black tea are also good for "luring" money. It is enough to put one leaf of any of these plants in the coin compartment.

It is not necessary to use all these money talismans at the same time. One will be enough - the one you like the most.

Secondly, it is extremely important that order always reigns in the wallet. It should not contain any foreign objects: business cards, crumpled receipts, transport coupons, and nothing like them. This applies not only to the compartment for notes, but also to the pocket for coins.

The bills themselves should be flat in the wallet, not crumpled, not folded in half and be located on the same side - the front. The front side is the one where the state number is indicated and the two-headed eagle is depicted. In addition, bills should be arranged in ascending order.

Thirdly, you need to treat your wallet with care. Don't drop it. And you also need to talk to him and say nice things to him.

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