How To Buy Nickel

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How To Buy Nickel
How To Buy Nickel

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Nickel is a light silvery metal that is actively used in various industries. Nickel is the basis for many superalloys, that is, heat-resistant materials that are used to make parts for power plants in the aerospace industry. Also common is a procedure such as nickel plating - creating a nickel coating on other metals in order to prevent corrosion.

How to buy nickel
How to buy nickel


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The world's largest nickel producer is Norilsk Nickel, which has branches not only in Russia, but also in Botswana, Finland, Australia and South Africa. Nickel can be purchased at any of these locations. Refer to the site of the company "Norilsk Nickel", which is located at Find the types of products in the Sales section. Among them are carbonyl nickel (in powder and shot) and primary electrolytic nickel. Select the type of product that you need. Here you can also download a detailed description of the product to get a better understanding of it

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Then go to the "Sales System" tab and select the nearest branch of the company. Here are the addresses and phone numbers of the branches, the names of the general directors of the branches and the e-mail addresses. Use the most convenient method for communication. Only on an individual basis, you can clarify the cost of goods, terms of sale and delivery. Discuss all the details and place an order.

Step 3

You can also buy nickel from private companies or individual sellers. Search the Internet for ads for the sale of nickel in your area, contact the seller and find out all the details you are interested in. Be vigilant: make sure the metal you are asking for is being sold to you. For complete confidence, invite a specialist who will determine the authenticity of the metal or its content in a particular alloy.

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You can try to contact representatives of companies that accept nickel. Surely they are reselling it at low prices. Naturally, in this case, the quality of the metal may be lower than expected. However, depending on your needs and future use of the metal, it is possible that you will find something suitable for yourself.

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