How To Fix A Hookah

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How To Fix A Hookah
How To Fix A Hookah
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The homeland of the hookah is India. It was from there that this smoking device, where water was used as a filter and cooling of smoke, spread throughout Asia and further around the world. Often tourists bring a hookah with them from their travels, but this fragile product breaks in their luggage.

How to fix a hookah
How to fix a hookah


Step 1

Before you fix your hookah, examine it carefully. The device is very simple and consists of a flask, a bowl for tobacco and a flexible hose with a mouthpiece. For obvious reasons, the bulb most often breaks. She just beats. Replace the flask if you think it is advisable, because in our country it is impossible to buy it separately, so you will have to purchase a new hookah and disassemble it.

Step 2

If the hookah has no external breakdowns, and you cannot smoke, most likely the matter is in the outlet valve, which is located at the top of the device. Take a thin knitting needle and gently pry the ball in the tube with it. As it moves, it will begin to let through the smoke again in the required volume. But if, on the contrary, the smoke is too intense, you will have to remove the hose and replace the ball with a larger one. However, be careful - in cheap models, this part of the hookah is non-separable, and therefore you will need to provide options for soldering the structure after replacement.

Step 3

If the hookah is lit, but the smoke is not tasty or unusual, it is likely that you simply put the tobacco wrong. When preparing tobacco for smoking, discard large, solid fragments, and rub the dense clots with your fingers and put the prepared mass, without tamping, into a cup. All this will allow you to smoke a hookah effortlessly. Do not stack the tobacco in a heap, as the tight-fitting foil will tend to burn the tobacco and create an unpleasant aftertaste.

Step 4

By the way, about the foil. Give preference to a denser one as it distributes the coal heat more efficiently. In addition, more holes can be made in it for smoking without the risk of tearing it. Do not make too large holes, as this can lead to coal ignition, from which the smoke will become much harder. If this does happen, remove the charcoal from the cup briefly.

Step 5

For a hookah, it is better to use natural charcoal in a kilogram package or pressed in plates. If you prefer to smoke with a "pair of rods", then properly "heat" the coal on a gas or electric stove. Wait until it turns red from the heat about 90%. Then it will be easy to light a hookah.

Step 6

The liquid is poured into the hookah depending on the habit - water, wine and even milk. Dilute the wine with water 1: 2. Don't forget to take care of your hookah. After the end of the smoking session, drain the water from the flask and regularly clean it with special brushes for cleaning the shaft or for the flask, which will clear the hookah from plaque.

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